You do a lot!!!

Man, every single day you rise and shine.

And you make decisions… LOTS of decisions.

In fact, according to sources on the internet and Quora, you make 35,000 impulsive and logic decisions per day – on average! Children make about 3,000 decisions a day.

Does the mind ever shut down? Do we ever get a break from information flying at us? The internet is a major influencer on what you do – do I like this post or not? Do I respond? Do I scroll? Do I read this quote? Do I get off the internet? Do I check my email? Do I complete that form?

But what if you go out in public? Do I say hello to the new person? Do I shake his hand? Do I say anything to my spouse?

Or, what if you’re working? Do I make another cup of coffee? Do I clean my office?

Or what if you’re just “sitting” at home? Do I dust the piano? Do I run my errands? Do I take a shower? Do I eat breakfast? Do I load the dishwasher? Do I feed the cat? Do I wake the baby? Do I put away the laundry? Do I write that blog post? Do I go to the library? Do I help my friend today? Do I clean the windows? Do I wash the car? Do I make reservations at the hotel? Do I shop for new clothes? Do I exercise? Do I go to book club? Do I go for a run? Do I file the papers? Do I invest in new window treatments? Do I remodel the bathroom? Do I paint the table? Do I check on my grandmother? Do I drink water? Do I wash the throw blankets? Do I paint the chipped window sill? Do I deep clean the throw rug? Do I call the landscaper? Do I announce new student openings? Do I hire an assistant?

Do I … you can fill in the blanks of what all crosses your mind and has you making a decision. If you don’t think about the tasks you are accomplishing, then you can say you made that decision by the mere fact that you took action on it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or bit scattered, or still feel like there’s so much to do and so many decisions to make – you’re right! There is!

And, you’re incredible. You do a lot.

And, there will always, always, always be more to do. Every. Single. Day.

Even if it’s making the decision to do nothing for the day. (And grabbing a piece of paper to capture all the thoughts that cross your mind! So, you can truly get some relief and rest.)