Your sweet spot.

You can set up simple systems – as detailed or laid-back as you want or need that’s ideal for YOUR personality. 

Your sweet spots for organization goes a little something like this:

…a little loose and crazy in this drawer doesn’t bother you

…color coded in this space

…a caphony of colors in this room

…a soothing, elegant, streamlined touch in that room

…neatly folded on this shelf

…these items need to be super easy to reach

…fill it up here

…leave more open space here

…perfectly arranged for your reach and convenience there

…flows smoothly here 

…can see every item in this space

…do this first, then do that for highest productivity

…simplify this area for ease of use to complete x,y,z (or I’ll dread doing it!)

…leave this in my sight or I’ll forget about it

…looks too cluttered here

…looks too bare there

…no time to waste when tackling this task

You have a sweet spot of how to organize your things based on your visual preferences, how you think about getting things done, and how much “mess” you can tolerate before a mental anguish consumes you…and has you planning your escape for a get-a-way! Or, at the very least, you not opening your front door when that unexpected knock at the door happens.

I can help you figure it out!

And, when your sweet spots are fulfilled you can brag! But, you’re not a bragger. And, if you were a bragger this is what I’d guess about you.