Rewards are great, especially if you are an avid shopper at a favorite retailer.

But, if you’ve been told that rewards are the way to motivate you to accomplish something, and you are an adult, then rewards aren’t always the answer.

Kids get rewarded for accomplishing things, but they don’t usually reward themselves, and instead, a parent, teacher, guardian or another person is in charge of providing the reward… kind of like a retailer does when you’ve reached a certain point in the reward system they’ve set up.

Adults in charge of rewarding themselves often have the tendency to go ahead and give themselves the reward… like a pedicure, because hey, why wait when you can do it now.  When your in charge of giving yourself whatever you want whenever you want – regardless of what you’ve accomplished or haven’t accomplished, rewards aren’t the best motivator.

A very disciplined person may be able to reward or withhold a reward based on the results of their actions. (Pssst…Rewards don’t work for me.)

So, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t really get motivated by a reward that you’re responsible for offereing to yourself and sticking to it, then here’s what you can do instead to motivate yourself.


When you accomplish something, celebrate!

Celebrating is a natural high-spirited-response to accomplishing something that brings you immense relief and gratification.

Celebrate by making a toast to yourself with your wineglass of applejuice (water or favorite drink).

Celebrate by showing off or talking about your accomplishment (not to brag, but because you’re so dang happy about the results.)

Celebrate by having a spontaneous day of playing, shopping, or running errands and doing whatever happy thought crosses your mind. Maybe there are some items you’ve been wanting to add to your life that will make it more convenient or prettier – go find them. Or maybe there are some things you’ve been wanting to do for yourself, like a facial, new shoes, or other things that will invigorate your body and personality.

Rewards can be great incentives to collect on, and easy to receive at the proper rewarding time when someone else is in charge of withholding the reward and delivering it to you when you’ve reached the reward point. But, if you’re the one that has to reward yourself it’s less likely to motivate you and may not work like the good advice suggests it will.

Incentivcizing yourself flows much more naturally and easier with celebrations that include giving yourself those guilty pleasures along the way rather than withholding a reward until you complete a task.

Get motivated by celebrating those major little steps that will lead you to the great big finale accomplishment.

Of course, when you get to the end…throw the biggest celebration party EV-ER: with big smiles, high fives, and whatever joyful ideas pop into your head.

Optional: invite others to the celebration.

Have the most fantastic day,

p.s. You don’t even have to put pressure on yourself by tell yourself that you’ll celebrate after an accomplishment, because celebrating will happen naturally when you do something that makes you feel amazing  – even if it’s just on the inside, which is the BEST reward of all.