Just like it’s important to prevent distractions when you’re trying to keep a child’s attention on a specific activity, it’s a good idea to close doors to other rooms of the home when you’re trying to declutter or clean a specific area of your home.

When you are decluttering or cleaning house, it’s very common to come across items that belong in another part of the home. By closing the doors, it’s your signal not to go into that room, and instead to place items outside the door and return to the designated you want to stay focused on and complete the clean up.

The thing that commonly happens if you go to another area of the home to put items away is that you can easily get distracted by seeing items in that room that need tidying. And you can easily get side-tracked or derailed from your original task!

But never fear, get back to the original area you’re working on to get it decluttered and tidied up, or cleaned up, THEN make more progress by tending to the items you left outside the door of the next room.

Of course, if the item(s) you need to put away are super easy to put away because the room you need to enter doesn’t need further attention, then go for it – just get it put away quickly – and return to the main area you’re decluttering or cleaning!

You’ll know if you’re being distracted if you end up doing other things in the room. If this is happening to you and you’d REALLY like to complete the original area, then it’s a good idea to start closing doors so you don’t get side-tracked again.

Have fun!