You just want to tidy up… but, your mind is staying very busy thinking of a particular incident, and you look busy because you are moving around – but you literally aren’t getting anything done!  Gotta love those days where you are off in another world mentally.

I’ll share a quick tip to help you snap out of it and make real progress accomplishing what you had in mind for the day. One thing done would make you happy at this moment.

You need something tangible in front of you, specifically pen and paper.

Got it?

Stand in the middle of the room you’d like to focus on and literally look at one area (you can do this for the entire room if it doesn’t feel overwhelming) and write down the exact actions you need to take:

-put away suitcase

-take donation bag to 🚘 car

-put away 📚 books

-launder sheets

-clean table

-file document

okay…you get the drift!!!  5-7 things on the list is perfect. Get one thing done. Come back to the list and pick another thing to do.

It’s important you use your list, so you don’t get too sidetracked by your thoughts – losing gaps of time.

If you are in motion getting an item done, don’t be surprised if you start tackling other things that catch your attention that weren’t on your list. Our minds take us on adventures! Example: if you have a donation bag to take to car and think “it’s not full”, then you may instinctively go look for more items to add to the bag (wouldn’t want to waste the extra bag space!).

Whenever your satisfied with that task, simply come back and tackle the next thing you wrote on the list.  Look at the list!!!

And, if you catch yourself looking busy again, go back to the list and if needed, start making the next set of to-do items in an area.

You may snap out of your mental obsession fairly quickly, or it could take a few rounds of back and forth with your pen and paper trick.

Either way…Wahlah! You’re getting things done while also musing about in your head.

Keep going!!!

If you come across an item you wrote down that will take more time, focus or energy than you can muster at the moment, then skip it. Pick something else that is super easy to do.