Sometimes when we are in the throes of uncertainty about what will happen, or how things will turn out, it can put us in distress. The distress can reveal a lot about our weaknesses by the way we react. If we react negatively – especially if it’s a terror reaction – we turn to or behave in ways that make you feel better in the moment because you are getting a release of the terror. But in the long run, it can wreak havoc on your life. It’s very emotional overwhelming. Like being flooded with bad juju.

You may stress. You may rage. You may hyperventilate.
You may turn to eating or not eating.
You may get anxiety. Panic attacks.
You may become obsessive at seeing the negative in situations or people, or make excuses, back out of going forward with whatever you’re trying to get thru, and the behavior list can be endless.

On the other side of this equation is when you are in the cycle of being thrilled, excited, hopeful, happy, and confident. Things in your life are looking good, looking up, feeling better, and you’re finding relief in the goodness happening.

Because of your optimistic perspective you see the good in situation or people, find ways around “excuses”, keep going forward with whatever you’re so excited about, and the positive behavior list can be endless.

This happens in your home too, when you make one area better – receiving delight, relief, sanity, productivity, peace and joy – because of your behavior and perspective momentum, other things keep getting better and better.

On the flip side (yes, again to the flip side!) when your home environment starts getting bad and no intervention is happening to reverse the situation, then it keeps getting worse and worse.

So go make something better in your home! Clean a space out. Then another space. Purge, baby, purge.

I’ll repeat myself… Go make something better today. File that pile of paper on your desk. Clean off the work space. Make the beds.

When one thing gets better, other things get better.