It’s a good idea to label things when these things are happening:

  • You’re experiencing bad memory, which can happen from exhaustion, stress, overwhelm. There could be other medical reasons for memory loss, so labeling is great in this case too.
  • You want faster retrieval or replacement. Labeling can improve your efficiency when accessing or putting away items.
  • You have multiple people responsible for keeping things in proper places. If you want others to be involved in responsibilities or to help you, like family, friends, or service providers then labeling is your gold. Don’t expect them to remember your systems, because they don’t think the same way as you. Labeling gives them the opportunity to succeed in properly organizing things the way you want!

You don’t have to label EVERYTHING, but in the spots you need labeling, you can do stylish labeling.

Go check out Pinterest for great, stylish labeling ideas.