You’ll know when doubt creeps in by these signs:

You have the spark of something really great, like an idea, inspiration, or thought, and you ride on the wave of high excitement, as the possibility of what you’re dreaming of expands to even more great things…then…

You find a snag… like why it won’t work, or why you need to change something about it (like the wording because someone may not “get” what you’re talking about).

The point is that you start having doubts.

Other ways you can identify when doubt creeps in, is when you use words or phrases like:

“I hope (fill in the blank).”

Ever heard or told someone “Hope you have a great day!”

The reason the word “hope” is included in the phrase is because there is an uncertainty or doubt that maybe you won’t have a great day. Really, who can predict what will happen in a day’s time for you or the person you wish (see, there’s another doubt word!) to have a great day. Since we can’t predict with confidence that a person will indeed have a great day, we cover our booty by including a “doubt” word.

Here’s another doubt-word:

“Maybe…(fill in the blank).”

Maybe one day…

Maybe this will happen…

Maybe is loaded with doubt.

So, the next time you say the words maybe, what you’re really saying is “I doubt it will happen, but maybe..”

Notice your words and notice when you start finding reasons something won’t happen or won’t work, because those are the clues you’ve become doubtful about something in your life, or someone else.

And, if you really, really, really want something (like it makes you HAPPY, excited, giddy just thinking about it), then stamp the doubt out immediately by declaring “It IS GOING to be a GREAT ____.

Now, I’m off to make a melt in your mouth, scrumptious cake.

Enjoy this FANTASTIC day!