You may want to donate items for those who have been displaced by the latest Hurricane. 

I’ve been on the receiving end of a devastating hurricane and lost everything, so I have first hand experience of what is needed. The clean up, the overhwhelming exhaustion, and the mental/emotional shock can be delayed but hits hard.

Here’s the Top 5 BEST items I and other’s appreciated the most, in the long run. Please share! There’s a long, long road to recovering. People need YOUR help.

If you can fill several backpacks of any of the items mentioned below, then it makes it easier for the person on the receiving end to carry around with more ease. They will be working hard and their bodies will start aching from all the bending over and lifting.

#1: Toys or games to distract and occupy children

First, keeping the children distracted and occupied is of the utmost importance, so toys or games are extremely useful and parents are grateful.

#2: Pillow

Second, you’d think something like a pillow would be of little importance because travelers take pillows, but when an evacuee is selecting the most important items to pack up, they often choose items they can’t replace, like photos, sentimental items, and items that are of the utmost importance to them. Pillows can be replaced, so it’s not always high on the list to cram into the vehicle. Many people will appreciate and need a pillow

#3: Cleaning supplies: laundry detergent, bleach, dish detergent

Third, cleaning supplies are going to be needed in abundance, because once roads are opened and the people that are able to get back into their homes and retrieve or salvage belongings will most likely have to disinfect and clean everything they can because mold grows fast. And, it can take a long time to get roads cleared and utilities back in service. Weeks and months can pass before some people are able to return home for just a visit! Between the mud, the mold or musty smell after a hurricane and the long time period that these homes sit without fresh air, the stink permeates everything inside and outside the home. Laundry detergent, bleach and dish detergent is super useful.

#4: Protective gear: gloves, face masks, rubber boots

Fourth, protective gear, such as gloves, face masks, and rubber boots are practical gifts that many won’t purchase themselves. Or even think to purchase until they are faced with the reality of the situation. It will be dire.

#5 Medical supplies: hydrogen peroxide, anti-bacterial hand wash, rubbing alcohol, hand wipes, bandages, neosporin

Fifth, medical supplies, such as hydrogen peroxide, anti-bacterial hand gel, and rubbing alcohol comes in handy because there won’t necessarily be access to running water. Also, the debris clean up, slipping in slimy mud, or insect bites can be dangerous. You can anticipate many of them will get cuts, scratches, and minor injuries. Hand wipes, bandages and neosporin.

Fill in all the extra space of the backpack with individual servings of snacks.

Stores aren’t in business. Groceries can be hard to find, and refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves won’t work without electricity, or if the home is damaged (or missing!) INDIVIDUAL SERVING PACKS of nuts, candy, beef jerky, flavored crackers, easy-open canned food goods with pull tabs, jellos, puddings, fruits and other non-cook snacks are other essential items that will go a long way in helping keep energy and spirits up during this time.

Please share these TOP 5 Hurricane Relief Needs, and whatever you’re able to donate or send is a HUGE relief and help to one person.