Stuffing stockings for the Holidays can be way more fun than finding that perfect gift. 

I’ve been on the hunt for stocking stuffer ideas and found some thoughtful, fun, and refreshing items you may enjoy. Click on each photo to be taken to the online store. These are not affiliate links.

Need more rest? Or time in the bed? Check out the Weighted Eye Pillow & Lazy Bed Glasses at The Container Store. (Please Santa put the eye pillow in my stocking!)

These flower phone rings caught my eye at Elegantly beautiful and cheerful. Plus, they are great for hooking your phone on your finger, a hook in the spot you wish you put your phone everyday, and simply propping your phone anywhere. There are 4 in a collection, which means 3 for others and one for you!

(I can’t add a picture of this next stocking stuffer, because it has a bad word on it… but, wow, this cracked me up!) There are several versions – bamboo, marble, etc.

Okay, moving on to a couple more stocking stuffer ideas!

Slip this shoe spray into a stocking (and get one for your purse!) When the party goers start kicking off their shoes, spritz this in their shoes. It’s super refreshing – even when spritzed on my face! 😀  You can find it on

And, if you know someone who is up to great things, and gets physically or mentally exhausted, then she may enjoy this stocking stuffer on This is the gift I’d give ALL my wonderful, hard working, change making friends + clients = frients?? 

Happy Holidays!


PS Share the Christmas spirit! A laugh or smile could change someone’s world today.