Whether you’re wrapping gifts for a Holiday, Special Occasion, or Just Because, this guide is for you.

  • What you’ll want to have on hand
  • How to choose colors for a distinctive gift wrapping style
  • How to perfectly measure the amount of gift wrapping paper needed for a boxed gift
  • How to neatly (professionally!) wrap a boxed gift
  • How to prepare your gift using a gift bag
  • How to wrap a gift using only tissue paper
  • How to add the finishing touches to your gift
  • Special links with photos to inspire your creative gift wrapping genius! (MUST SEE)

Here’s what you’ll want to have on hand:

LOTS of tissue paper. Buy this in bulk. You can stick with white or go colorful. And, if you love, love, love designer gift tissue paper, then pick up those MUST HAVE eye-catching designs throughout the year.

Different size gift bags – from the smallest to the largest. Get a few generic, strong gift bags for storage purposes. You can organize & store bags by occasion, holiday, color or size – store by whatever categories make the most sense to you.

The ONE gift wrap for ALL occasions, you can never go wrong with white! But, pick any style of paper where you can select any style of adornments to match the occasion you’re wrapping for. You’ll quickly become known for your “Signature Style.”  No matter what the occasion, others will begin to recognize THAT gift is from you, even if there’s no tag on it. It’s your signature. Your unique style!

Adornments are the tags or bows that will create the finishing touches of color or theme you are gifting – baby gift, wedding, anniversary, christmas, birthday, etc. TIP: Invest in gift wrap with cutting guidelines on the backside of the paper, for an easier way to cut straight lines.

Fine tip writing markers in different colors, including monochromatic styles. Fine tip markers give you more room to label your gift tags.

Not a good pair of scissors, but an excellent pair of scissors to cut fine wrapping paper. I’ve never gone wrong with 3M or Scotch brand products.

Scotch tape in a variety of types: double-sided, removable and disappearing tape. The removable tape is great for the person who tends to move a name tag or ribbon/bow around a few times to get it just right and doesn’t want to tear the gift wrap.

Gift boxes in several sizes, which can include plain white boxes, PLUS decorative gift boxes for those times you don’t want to wrap and instead only want to cushion the gift with tissue, add name tags and go!

In a hurry? Pre-decorated boxes don’t have to be wrapped! They are great for organizing containers too. 🙂

Adornment – Gift tags in a variety of styles and colors, for different occasions. To keep it simple, you can always invest in one style tag that will match any occasion gift. The larger the gift tag, the easier it is to write your names legibly – instead of trying to sqeeze the name in a really small writing space. Go big and beautiful with your tags.

If you are a business and like to send gifts to your customers/clients, then you may enjoy pre-printed branding labels, stickers or signature cards to add your finishing touch. Also, tissue paper in your branding color is an excellent marketing idea. Vistaprint.com is my go to place for bulk business supplies.

Adornment – Bows, ribbons, and frilly things. Shimmery ribbon with bendable metal edges are my favorite gift adornment. Of course, the bigger the bow, the more sparkle you’ll see in the gift recipient’s eyes. Satin ribbon and ribbon with wire edges are two of my favorites. Splurge on nice bows, ribbons, and frilly things. It’s the finishing touch that delights the senses. It may even more important than the gift. (maybe!)

Other special gift wrapping tools you can have in your gift wrapping station is: a whole punch for when you want to make handles with ribbon or punching a whole in your handmade gift tags, a ribbon curler (scissors can create the same curling effect), some thin sheets of cardboard or heavy weight paper for those moments you need to make a flat bottom when wrapping a gift, and a straight edge “L” shaped ruler (like a carpenter uses!) A straight edge ruler will help you mark paper for a straighter cut. However, none of these gift wrapping tools are necessary for a beautifully wrapped gift. 

How to Choose Colors for Distinctive Gift Wrapping Styles

Mix and match the following style colors or tones of your gift wrap, gift bags, bows and tags to create the style you’re aiming for.

Elegant Style Colors – lightly tinted monochromatic tones with shimmer – gold, silver, bronze, copper; and jewel tones – emerald, sapphire, ruby

Tranquil Style Colors – the softer the color the gentler we respond: soft lavendar, lilac; soft, soft aqua; soft, soft, soft green; soft neutral tan; barely pink, blush

Optimistic, Joyful Style Colors – Oranges are the mixture of the excitement of red and the sunshiny-ness of yellow; pure vibrant colors – blue, purple, green (Eden green is especially soothingly happy), yellow, red

Vintage Style Colors – brown paper, burlap, khaki; distressed grays, distressed black; rust, burnt orange; salmon, light pink

Classic Designer Style (Designs) – plaid, paisley, polk-a-dots, stripes

How To Perfectly Measure The Amount of Gift Wrap You’ll Need for a Boxed Gift

Place the gift on the corner of the gift wrap, just like you would place a piece of paper on a copying machine – line the edges of the gift flush with the edges and the corner of the wrapping paper. 

Put your hands on the widest side of your gift and flip it forward 3 times. Slide the gift about 1/2 inch beyond where the edge landed. This edge is your cutting line. Trace the edge with a dark ink. 

Note: If you invested in gift wrap with cutting guidelines on the backside of the paper, then mark the nearest line you can see with an “x”  (after you’ve done the flips!)

Now, slide the gift back to the original position, in the same corner until the edges are flush again.

This time, flip the shorter side of the gift up one time, in the other direction. Slide gift about 1/2″.  NOTE: If you want the ends of paper that you’ll fold down when wrapping to reach to the bottom of the gift, or a bit around to the bottom of the gift, THEN add this step: touch the edge of the gift and slide that same side to the other side of your finger.

Trace the edge with dark ink, so you’ll have your cutting line.

Why it’s important to slide the gift over 1/2″ after flipping and finding your edge measurement: because you will have the exact amount of paper to wrap the gift, and this extra 1/2 inch gives you a little extra paper to make sure none of the box shows when you wrap it. And, it leaves you a little error room if you accidentally don’t cut a straight line!

Okay, now cut your perfectly measured wrapping paper and we’ll move onto neatly wrapping the gift!

How To Neatly (Professionally!) Wrap A Boxed Gift

If you have a gift that is odd sized, or no where near square or rectangular, then it will be easier to use a gift bag! In the next section I’ll share “How To” prepare your gift using a gift bag.

For now…

Grab your boxed gift (if you don’t have a box on hand for gifts that are somewhat evenly shaped, then you can still wrap the gift without a box.)

Flip the gift upside down and place it in the middle of the gift wrap you’ve cut.

Pull up the paper nearest you, wrap it over the top. It should land in the center of the box. Press it down flat and secure it with tape. If your wrapping a larger box, then you may need 2 or 3 pieces of tape to secure the paper flat down.

Pull the paper from the opposite side and bring it down flush to meet and slightly overlap the already secured portion of paper you have in place. Secure this portion with tape. You can use double-sided tape or disappearing tape, if you don’t want the tape to be visible.

Your gift paper should be completely surrounding the gift now, with the ends of the paper still sticking out.

Now, to secure the sides, use your hands to press the paper in a downward motion until it’s flush with the edges. A crease will naturally appear. Once the paper is pressed completely flush to the gift, the edge should have landed near the center of that side. Secure it with tape.

You have 3 sections left on that one end.

Without moving the gift, press down the next two flaps of that end and secure with tape.

Your final flap should look like a triangle and be touching the table or floor. Push the final triangle flap upwards and press it flush onto the gift. Secure with tape.

Repeat this process on the final side of your gift.

You’re done!

Flip your gift right side up.

It’s ready for the final touches: adorn with ribbon, bows, frillies and your gift tag.

How To Prepare Your Gift With A Gift Bag

A gift bag is the fastest way to wrap individual gifts – or multiple gifts in one bag. A pre-designed decorative box is another super-fast way to “wrap a gift.”

Select a gift bag that is slightly larger than the gift you’ll be placing inside. If you can pinch the bag closed when the gift(s) is inside, then you’ve got a great fit.

If your gift is a lot smaller than the bag, then you can either downsize OR use extra tissue paper to fill out the bag. If your gift is sticking out of the bag or tilting, then use a larger bag or wrap it a different way. Keep reading, I’ll help you figure it out, either way.

Unbalanced, heavy weight gifts or odd sized long items can cause the gift bag to tip over.

If your gift bag is tipping, then flip the gift so the heaviest part is at the bottom of the bag. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then I have another solution below – wrapping in tissue paper.

If it’s a long, slender item, and the gift bag tips over, and doesn’t work in a different size bag, then you can wrap it with tissue paper only – no worries, I’ll explain how to do it nicely in the next section.

Now that you have the proper sized gift bag, wrap the gift in a few pieces of tissue paper and secure with tape.

Place gift inside bag.

Lay your tissue paper flat and pinch the center of one piece.

Lift the pinched piece of tissue paper and quickly snap or pop the tissue paper once or twice until it looks kinda like a fluffy flower. The pinched part of the tissue paper is your bottom end – kinda like the tip of the stem. The top portion is still kind of fluffy.

Insert the paper, pushing the “pinched” part into the bag, on the side of the gift.

Keep pinching and popping tissue paper until it is full of blooming tissue paper! The more tissue paper you can fit, the better the look. This is one time you’ll hear me say “More is better!”

Put your finishing touch on the gift bag – adorn with sparkly or frilly ribbon, and add your gift name tag. If the bag has a gift tag attached, then use your fine-tipped marker to label the tag. Sign it legibly!

How to Wrap A Gift Using Only Tissue Paper

You have 3 main tissue wrapping styles to create.

Place about 5 pieces of gift wrap onto a flat surface.

Twist the tissue paper in the center until it spreads out and you can see a portion of each piece. It will look similar to a fan. You can individually place paper in a fan like style, if twisting doesn’t work well for you.

Option 1: Stick double-sided tape at the topsides of the gift. Stand the gift in the center of the tissue paper and pull the tissue paper upwards, letting it naturally fit around the gift. Press the tissue paper to the double sided gift to secure the inner layers of tissue paper.  Tie ribbon around the rest of the tissue paper sticking out at the top. You can make it prettier when you add the finishing touches.

Option 2: Place the gift on one edge or side of the tissue paper, letting it hang off a bit. Flip or roll the gift, press in the sides, flip or roll, press in the sides, and keep repeating until you’ve run out of tissue paper.

Use invisible tape to secure the tissue paper to the gift.

The design of the corners give the wrap a decorative flair.

Option 3: Fold tissue paper into half, then half again. Trim the ends of the tissue paper into a design that you find attractive, like scallops or zigzags, etc. Use option 1 or option 2 to wrap your gift with tissue paper.

There is a final option: wrap the gift using tissue paper, as if you are using regular gift wrapping paper. Stack several pieces of gift tissue paper for a thicker, non-see-thru coverage. Scroll up above for the gift-box-wrapping instructions.

Finally, adorn your tissue wrapped gift with ribbons, frillies, bows, stickers, and name tags.

Special links to inspire your creative gift-wrapping genius:

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Gift giving is always in season! Give because you love giving, any time of year.

Professional gift wrapping services in Shreveport are available over the Holidays and for company events.

Happy gifting.