3M is an amazing company that produces a wide variety of products for the automobile, your office, and your home. You’re probably familiar with many of them! From command hooks, to tape, to A/C filters, and chalkboard labeling… I have been especially pleased with every product, and I look for the 3M brand.

Next, P&G products take the cleaning product prize. Whether it’s baby pampers, Mr Clean, Tide, Gain, Paper Products, or Febreeze. They spend time in the labs to improve their products and the results speak for themselves.

And, the Elfa System from the Container Store is my top pick for closet organizing systems. After installing and using these systems, they have extremely more class and quality than other box store brands. They are for the person who enjoys beauty, function and image. The Container Store also has wonderful clear container storage pieces that are sold individually or in bulk. The clear containers last FOREVER without getting all bent out of shape or scratched up. My favorite part is that the stack nicely and are crisp-clear.

High quality is super important, so I don’t waste my time, money, or energy, and instead, with these 3 high quality brands I am confident the job gets done and I’m super pleased with the results.

What brands do YOU love and recommend?