Ever cleaned out a small cabinet, drawer, or space and it instantly made you feel soooooo good? There’s a simple, yet powerful reason you felt that way!

This glorious feeling can happen when you clean out any space – and the bigger the better!! Your desk, a closet, or an entire room.

The #1 reason you feel soooooo good when you clean out and purge any space is because you gave that area some relief. It has more breathing room, space and clarity. It’s lighter and more focused. Happier and more productive! It’s not overwhelmed.

When you provide RELIEF to a space, the relief transfers to your mind, body and senses.

When your body receives relief, you breathe more deeply, your posture improves, your body gets feel good hormones, and your confidence gets a boost. You can probably add many more ways the relief in your space changes your physiology and brain.

The next time you need some relief, clean out an area that’s running out of breathing room…you’ll LOVE the sigh of relief that floods your body. It feels soooooo good.