You’re burned out.

Do you know why?

Exhaustion. Mentally and probably physically.

And when you get exhausted your attitude starts to plumment. You get short.Cranky. Grouchy.

And, worst of all, you start complaining. Nobody likes a complainer, not even yourself can handle your complaining. Ugh. Stop it!!

You’re tired from the seemingly never-ending project(s) that have been taking your time and energy…especially if you’re doing it for someone else – a boss, a professor, a family member. Love ’em, but there are moments you may be screaming on the inside “HELP!!!” or “Omg, I can’t wait to be DONE with this!”

Whether you’re involved in a business related project, relocating to a new home, grieving, doing repetitive chores more often than seems logically necessary, updating your home and culling through a large amount of items to create more serenity and convenience, saying yes to other people when you really want to say no, or taking care of someone else (ex: adult or child or business or clients or friend or ____ fill in the blank) – in many cases the work you are doing is exhausting you because it is for another person. Yes, you may be getting something positive out of it, too, but if it’s a lot of work and it’s associated with another person then burnout can show up more quickly.

When the work you’ve been diligently doing gets exhausting, then you need a remedy so you have the emotional and physical energy to keep going.

THE #1 remedy for burnout is to do something for yourself that lights you up.

Go shopping for the new towels you have on your list.

Spend some time entertaining yourself – hello Netflix binge watching – or visiting with someone you’ve been thinking about.

Order from your favorite restaurant.

Do something that gives you a surge of happiness just thinking about it.

The #2 remedy for burnout is to take it easy. Just relax. Don’t answer the phone. Get dressed for the day whenever you feel like it, or have a PJ day with NO work unless it fills your happiness cup to the brim, just enjoying yourself at home. If you get energized from being around a significant other, then plan a day of going with the flow.

What pops into your head when you think about a simple thing that would make you really, really happy?

(Me? Go purchase the beautiful white pedestal sink I want installed in my master bath.)

Are you going to do it? yes, Yes, YES!!!

Ahhh… you’ll probably notice the burnout is immediately beginning to be replaced with cheer.

Enjoy doing something fun for yourself!