That first paragraph you wrote, it’s not to the point, so let’s fix it:

  • Nix it.
  • Get rid of it.
  • Delete it.

The opening paragraph is you warming up to your audience.

And, it is you trying to work your way into the actual content you’re sharing.

The first paragraph you write has an amazing purpose: it gets your writing momentum flowing.

If you can’t fix it by deleting it, then your next best move is to literally move it to the end of what you’ve written.

Now your new last paragraph (or sentences) serves as the perfect reminder of what your reader came to learn from you.

Writing can go on and on, and on and on.

And on, and on, and on.

Your reader wants you to get to the point.

(my last 3 sentences were my opening “paragraph”, now it’s my closing)

Happy writing!