Sleep deprivation is a productivity killer, along with too warm of temperatures. The ideal temperature is 65 – 70 degrees. Don’t get too hot and get plenty of sleep – because we need your brain engaging in critical thinking skills.

People tend to be more productive in 90 minute intervals, hitting peak levels of focus. If you’re trying to work on a task for over 90 minutes, then please go take a break!

Speaking of breaks, American Psychological Association revealed that employees who did exercise at work, were 15% more productive. What’s the take away? Do your exercise when you get to work!

Work from home? Even better, because you’re probably already dressed comfy for a good exercise routine. As soon as you “clock in” start your day with some exercise. Only 15 minutes of revving up my endorphins gets me going.

(After thought: Now I know why the most productive kids at school were the athletes… or those who had PE first thing in the morning! Or, why those kids who walked to school were bubbly with energy when they arrived – yep, I was the morning walker. I thought it would never end – school was sooooo far awayyyyy.)

But, back to the 90 minutes of productive focus: according to TAB Pulse Survey Business Leaders and Productivity,The average business owner reports having only 1.5 hours of uninterrupted, high productive time each day. That’s not much time, so it better count, right?

The Alternative Board (TAB) Pulse Survey on Business Leaders and Productivity also have these key productivity insights you can learn from:

  • 81% of business owners said they are most productive in the morning, 13% in the afternoon, and 6% in the evening
  • 87% of business owners prefer getting the most important tasks out of the way first thing.
  • 51% of business owners said that in-person meetings are the best use of their time.
  • 38% of business owners said that poor time management is their biggest productivity challenge.
  • 26% of business owners said that technology distractions are their biggest productivity challenge.
  • 33% of business owners said that scheduling finite times to answer emails would improve their productivity.
  • 25% of business owners said that organizing their workspace more efficiently would improve their productivity.
  • 86% of entrepreneurs feel company culture helps their productivity
  • 46% of business owners believe that the productivity of their employees reflects their employees, while 47% of business owners believe its a reflection of themselves as leaders

Are there any productivity boosters that you can relate to? Find one productivity booster that you can incorporate into your day to give you that extra confidence you’ll get more done in less time.