If you have visions of a super streamlined life because you place high value on your energy, taking really great care of yourself, and your ability to relax while enjoying life over how much you can fit into your space, then this is place for you!

Special Note:  If this scenario would describe you, then you’re probably my most popular type of client:  

I knock on your door. You open it and I introduce myself. You invite me inside and I immediately compliment you on how beautiful your home is! And it’s genuine, no matter what size your home or your personal style, because it looks great. I immediately say… why did you call me? It looks great in here. Where’s it at??? And, then… you take me to the areas that need attention… opening cabinet doors…opening a closet…allowing me to peek into the paper pile spot…or the accumulation stored behind a closed door. And, I say… let’s fix it…right now!

The Platinum Style Streamlining Package is popular for women or couples who have accumulated a lot of treats and maybe a lot of papers over the years, but now you are entering a new phase of life – empty nesting, preparing for retirement, traveling more, tending to aging adult parents, redesigning or updating home one last time, relocating/relocated, downsizing, selling home, and more – and you’re no stranger to asking for help to accomplish things with more guidance, support, and ease.

No worries if you have a lot of stuff. All I need to know is that you are ready to tackle whatever we come across.

I’ll guide you thru a decluttering process as we rotate around your home until you have purged to the point where you’re not holding onto things that beautifully served their purpose when you needed them most and have freed up plenty of space to organize the items you’ve decided to keep.

Be prepared to get addicted to Streamlining Strategies you can use over and over again.

This decluttering and organizing by video service package includes you and I meeting 1-on-1 via Skype or FaceTime in-real-time to get a game plan of where we’ll start. Then we’ll meet every other week for several hours at a time. You get some downtime to do life + the flexibility to complete projects at your own pace in between your Private Platinum VIP Sessions.

We’ll meet every other week for several hours at a time to dig in, make progress, and transform any closet, office, or bedroom in your home. We may hit other areas, depending on your specific situation or where you want to direct your efforts and energy. Garages and attics, in general aren’t part of this deal, unless there are household items we need to get to. You’ll most likely be motivated to tackle other areas on your own in between your sessions and I’ll be available to answer questions and cheering you on as you share your accomplishments.

You may or may not need containers depending on what you have on hand, or if you’d prefer to get some new things for a new look. You’ll receive container ideas to select from, as needed for your specific space and organizational style, which will be determined as we work. I can quickly assess if a particular container will be more of a hassle or more of an asset for  the way you move and think.

We can switch back and forth on leading, creating a dynamic team effort and fantastic results. You can take the lead on what we concentrate on as you are inspired, and I’ll take the lead when you get stuck or don’t want to think!

Life is about to get simpler, less exhausting, and more productive AND you’ll have a renewed motivation to embrace the extra freedom you’ll receive from living The Streamlined Lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, please contact me. I’ll learn more about your specific situation, goals and if it’s a “yes! let’s get it done!” then we’ll compare calendars to co-ordinate both our availablility to get your spot reserved. Private sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fees are based on the amount of results you’d like to achieve:

Package Option #1:

6 weeks: $1497 (with 3-payment option of $498 every 30 days, if you prefer to pay as we go) – this is the most popular package for home-based entrepreneurs who wish to focus on sorting and setting up systems for their personal paperwork and business work space; and if time permits, hit a closet or two! If you need to hit a bedroom, guestroom, or other areas in the home, then review the next 2 options.

Package Option #2:

8 weeks: $1999 (with 3 payment option of $525 every 30 days, if you prefer to pay as we go) Need help in the office AND other areas of your home? This may be perfect for YOU.

Package Option #3:

12 weeks: $2999 (with 3 payment option of $999 every 30 days, if you prefer to pay as we go) You want to streamline as much as possible in your home – perhaps aiming to touch everything in the entire home! We’ll keep up a steady pace as you make one accomplishment after another.