Congratulations!!!  You’re moving.

Our goal: Your new home is a reflection of what you take into it’s space! We’ll take away household items that will no longer match your new home, new life or your current style. Removing your excess accumulations or the items that are best left in your past will make the entire process of selling your current home and settling into your new home much more exciting.

Shreveport Real Estate Agents:

Please contact me or refer your client who you think would love, love, love this type of help:  While our goal is ultimately about the client loving their new life and new home, we’re also looking out for your competition in the real estate market. A Streamlined Home is a beautiful representation of the lifestyle your potential buyers can imagine living for themselves. Spaciousness sells!

Shreveport Home Property Owner:

If you’ve been in your home a while and need a walk thru for purging household belongings to prepare your home for sale AND to remove items you do not want to take into your new home (and new life experience!), then I can help.

Hi, I’m Melody Granger. I am the owner of the Professional Organizing Company called “The Streamlined Lifestyle”.  I started over 10+ years ago in the Baton Rouge and Ascension Parish area, then expanded virtually to work with clients across the US and internationally via video. I also work with a National Relocation Company that provides full moving services for Corporate Company Transfers. I’m the regional Professional Organizer for this area traveling within a 2 hour radius into Texas, Arkansas, and Central Louisiana. I provide this same service privately for my local Shreveport, Louisiana clients. I’d love to be of service to you, too!

Summers are the busiest time of year for this pre-moving service. Please reach out to inquire about availability, get any questions answered, and tell me more about your move. A Realtor can confirm the cost effectiveness and return of investment you’ll receive when investing in this type of pre-moving-purge and/or prepping your home for sale service. It’s worth it!!! The reduced shipping costs ALONE will save you money due to high shipping costs. Your realtor can tell you about the advantages and benefits you could receive if your home beats the competition and sells faster because it is cleared out of excess stuff. Spaciousness sells!

You can receive Streamlining Services that include rotating to one closet or one room at a time with my assistance and expertise to process the items in your home to discard or donate or pass-on. I’ll help talk you thru the decision making process, if needed, to make the process easier and more effective, especially if your brain gets overwhelmed. Moving is a BIG job. I can help take some of the work load off your hands.

Pre-Moving Services include:

-bagging or boxing donations and items to discard

-hauling donations away

-hauling large furniture to donate/discard (I’ll hire muscle to lift, load, and haul these items away at a minimum fee to you. Review this detail below.)

-properly preparing trash for roadside garbage pick up or hauling to a dump, if necessary

-reducing the cost of shipping your belongings to your new home

-taking some of the stress and overwhelm off your shoulders so you can keep your concentration on important decisons related to your move

$275 flat rate for up to 4 hours of accomplishing as much as possible! More than one day of services is available, if needed. Whatever can fit into my vehicle to donate will be hauled away. I can take away as many car loads as possible within our time frame, at no additional costs. I work very well with others, so you can lead, or I can take the lead to get this done!

$75-$100 per truck load of larger, heavier, bulkier items depending on distance from a charity center or city dump:  I’ll hire muscle to lift, load and haul away large or bulky items that will not fit in my vehicle. I can fit A LOT in my vehicle if it’s not too large. Let’s talk to see if you’ll need this add-on haul service.

Already have your things sorted and purged? Just need donation or discard items hauled away? We can help with that! You can contact me for a haul only service. Let’s talk and I can give you a flat rate once I know the details of your haul items, and if I need more than one person to complete the job for you. I arrive alone with smaller item hauls and with arrive with muscle and a truck for larger item hauls.

Email melodygng (at) yahoo (dot) com and tell me how I can most help you right now. Please include your neighborhood, what services you’re interested in, and the timeframe you prefer services to be provided – for example, do you have an “it’s on the market” date, moving company packing date scheduled, or any other time lines we need to meet? The more details you can give me, including the best times/dates you’re available, and a contact phone number, the better prepared I’ll be when we speak!

There are additional services available to add-on, like hiring an experienced male assistant to help bring items out of the attic, clean out the shop/shed/garage, and overall get rid of any trash that we come across – like deteriorating water hoses, planters, worn out patio furniture – normal things that happen with outdoor living items. If you are married, we can team up in groups of two. It’s a fun process! We’ll get everything figured out. Recipients of this service…. Loooooove it.