Hello there!

If place high value on taking excellent care of yourself, the appearance of your home or office, plus you want things to be easy to get to and easy to put away, then you’re in the right place!

Spaces that are getting stuffy will really bog a person down!!! And. drain. your. energy. It’s exhausting.

There’s nothing more productive than having the type of energy that makes everything in life more fun. Even the seriously scary stuff gets it’s yucky emotional charge diffused when you’re in the right spirits. And, cleaning out your space is the fastest way to give you some good feeling juju. Let’s get this done, so you can move forward!

Special Note:  If this scenario would describe you, then you’re probably in the right place:  

I knock on your door. You open it and I introduce myself. You invite me inside and I immediately compliment you on how beautiful your home is (and I’m genuinely complimenting you no matter what size, floorplan, or style your home is, because it truly has appeal.)

I immediately look at you and say… “why did you call me? It looks great in here. Where’s it at??? Where are the frustrating, aggravating, embarassing areas?”

And, then… you take me to the areas that need attention… opening cabinet doors…opening a closet…allowing me to peek into the paper pile spot…or the accumulation stored behind a closed door. As you are giving me the tour, you begin to explain the different scenarios that led to the situation… hurricane hit, remodeling, moved in 2 years ago, brand new closet design installed, landed a movie deal and been away for months, focused on elderly parent, stressful stuff, exciting stuff, client demands increasing (if this is you, yay! a lucrative business is a blessing when you’re in the right spirits), and all the stuff in between that became a priority in your life.

You did so well getting thru everything and now you’re ready for the next phase of life.

Which includes you just wanting help!!!  You are so excited. Relieved, even, just thinking about getting help.

And, since I’ve imaginarily appeared at your house, I say…

“Let’s fix something right now!”

In reality, we’d be on video doing this. I personally coach you thru the process.

The Platinum Style Streamlining Package is popular for women or couples who are entering or preparing for a new phase of life and you’re no stranger to asking for help to accomplish things with more guidance, support, and ease.  To let you know up front, I don’t work directly with children. The focus is on YOU, the adult, because it’s your turn: for single women, women or couples approaching or over 40s, women or couples looking forward to retirement, and occasionally I work with good-spirited elderly women…into their 90s!!!  They are the absolute BEST.

What you can expect:

#1. Be prepared to get addicted to Streamlining Strategies you can use over and over again.

#2. Decluttering and organizing by video includes you and I meeting every other week 1-on-1 via Skype or FaceTime in-real-time for several hours at a time. It’s flexible enough between sessions that you get some downtime to do life + complete projects at your own pace in between your personal coaching sessions AND not so flexible that we lose momentum. Every 2 weeks is the sweet spot of meeting to accomplish more and more, without getting overwhelmed. Cool???

#3. When we meet every other week for several hours at a time to dig in, make progress, and transform any closet, office, or bedroom in your home, we may have to hit other areas. Garages and attics, in general aren’t part of this deal, unless there are household items we need to get to.  I’ll be available to answer questions and am always cheering you on as you share your accomplishments + keep making progress.

#4. You may or may not need containers depending on what you have on hand, or if you’d prefer to get some new things for a new look. You’ll receive container ideas to select from, as needed for your specific space and organizational style, which will be determined as we work. I can quickly assess if a particular container will be more of a hassle or more of an asset for  the way you move and think.

#5. We can switch back and forth on leading, creating a dynamic team effort and fantastic results. You can take the lead on what we concentrate on as you are inspired, and I’ll take the lead when you get stuck or don’t want to think!

Life is about to get simpler, less exhausting, and more productive AND you’ll have a renewed motivation to embrace the extra freedom you’ll receive from living The Streamlined Lifestyle©. It’s a luxury and blessing to live and work this way. Then you can move forward on other things you’d like to put your focus on…like taking good care of yourself, enjoying your clients, enjoying new assistants/housekeepers, enjoying your family/friends, enjoying getaways…and not having to work so dang hard because you’re smarter than that!!! And, you’re not a damn man. You’re a woman (and your partner can get involved, of course!!!)

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, please contact me. I’ll learn more about your specific situation, goals and if it’s a “yes! let’s get it done!” then we’ll compare calendars to co-ordinate both our availablility to get your spot reserved. Private sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tell me more about what you’d like to accomplish and WHY it’s so important to your future! I’ll bring the energy, you bring the mess. Together we’ll get this done. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You never know what a simple hello will lead to. 😉

P.S. Bedrooms, closets and offices are my specialty. Let’s keep them freshly cleaned out so you’re enjoying the luxury of The Streamlined Lifestyle!©