No matter what size your home – too big, perfect, or too small – you can streamline your items down until they fit beautifully in each designated area AND no matter how much you let go of, you will still have absolutely EVERY thing you need to love your home AND embrace your life.

YOU MAY FEEL STUCK. Or perhaps this process of cleaning out, purging, and transforming your space into a well-organized, streamlined beauty is taking for-EV-er…

You’re getting exhuasted because it’s not ending! Your brain is tired.

You are here because you need to purge MORE. That’s the first step for your solution.

Life is so much easier to embrace when your environment is beautiful, inviting, and productive.

Anytime you start feeling torn in a million directions, life starts getting too hard, or you can’t concentrate to complete tasks quickly …chances are high that you need to purge, baby, purge!

Your attention is getting distorted by too much stuff. It’s draining your energy, wasting your time, and causing you to throw away money.

Your energy is your life force.

Clutter is the drama that depletes or lowers your energy.

The more excess stuff you have, that you truly don’t need in your life, the harder and longer you will work.

The more exhausted you will become.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’ve been ready for change, but I’d like to invite you into a transformation.

Are you down with that?

(And no, you don’t have to become a true minimalmist…but you will become more and more minimalistic than you are now. You’re totally on board with having less in your space, so you can sanely move forward!)

Former clients rave about these types of results:

  1. More relaxed, focused, and productive – some for the first time EVER!
  2. Making more & SAVING more…less stress, better decision making, clarity around financial moves.
  3. Less time wasted on cleaning, looking for things, or pacing the floors trying to figure out what to do!
  4. More GENUINE confidence, exuberance, and joy for life.
  5. Relief, relief, relief. Bye bye overwhelming stuff, welcome welcome! simple systems, and helllo freedom.

You are welcome to request a complimentary Streamlining Strategy Session, where I’ll share a couple strategies you can use IMMEDIATELY to make progress on something you’re working on. Send an email to melodygng (at) yahoo (dot) com to request a complimenatry Streamlining Strategy Session. They are provided on Fridays.  Upon receipt of your request, I have a few questions to ask you so I can be prepared when we meet. Feel free to send photos, if you dare!  I’ve seen it all, so you won’t scare me. In fact, I’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how easy it may be to help you. 

Clutter can sneak up on you, zapping your energy, stealing your time, and make you feel out of sorts.

Personally, I TOTALLY lose my cool when “too much stuff” or “messy chaos” sends my senses into an overstimulated, overwhelmed frenzy. It is so not cool. Sure I could show up all calm & collected, but it was HARD. You know what I mean?

That’s why there’s one main rule in my home and business:

If something isn’t super-easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to enjoy and accomplish, I always, always, always start tossing, donating, purging.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that excess items in our spaces has a direct effect on our nervous systems. When your tolerance levels of the amount of stuff you can handle in your environment begins being compromised by too much stuff in one or more areas, then the excess starts sending pain signals to your nervous system like this:

  • frazzles your mind – ever feel overwhelmed or ADD and can’t find what’s right in front of you???
  • hurts your body – ever have anxiety, tension, exhaustion???
  • affects your hormones – ever felt stressed, defeated, or sad???
  • overstimulates your senses – ever wanted to run away or escape to a serene place???
  • keeps you stuck in one place for way too long – even when you want to move forward to whatever is next for your business or life – it may seem too hard, like your stuck in muddy resistance???

You were designed to enjoy working, playing or relaxing from ANY room in the house. With so-MUCH-more ease.


I never realized that in a couple of (Skype) sessions with Melody, I could have my office completely organized and functional for me!  I accomplished more in several hours than I ever did in months trying to tackle things on my own. Anyone who works with Melody, listens to her ideas, and implements them, will have much better peace of mind in their life. She’s not only amazing at what she does, but a wonderful, kind, caring person.

Cassie Winterhalter

Owner, Winterhalter Music, Maryland

The hanger queen: She never threw away hangers! We scopped up BAGS of them. Many were from dry cleaners. 🙂

The cleaning product enthusiast: She had so many BRAND NEW cleaning products that she could have supplied the entire neighborhood. Cabinets full, plus more!

She gave me “the look over” when she opened the front door: She took inventory of me from head to toe – ruffled blue blouse, worn out stylish jeans, and my favorite high heels. I stuck out my hand and said “Hi! I’m Melody! Give me the tour and then I’ll change my shoes.”  After completing one area, she was hooked… and bravely took me to a few more out of sight areas in her gorgeous home to see the “real” mess. And, then another area. A guest would have NEVER known she had these little nooks of “it needs organizing!” Her amazing home had recently been remodeled and some stuff still needed sorting and a home. We purged a lot of the less important things. 🙂 That was easy!

She couldn’t “see” the closet design: I remember designing a closet system for a lady’s new home and drawing out the details on paper for her, but it wasn’t translating enough to “show her” what the closet system would look like. So, I grabbed a piece of paper and literally cut out each shelf (including different depths) the drawers, the rods and taped it all together, so she’d have a 3-D visual of what the closet would look like. The paper design wasn’t beautiful, but our mind’s eyes met (and danced!) The final results were such a hit, that her friends wanted their closets custom designed, too.

The lady that went crazy tossing things. She didn’t start off that way, but once she started feeling the sweet relief and freedom from letting go it sparked her spirits to tackle more. This lady went on to do things she swears she would have never done if she hadn’t purged so deeply – like traveling and exploring in other cities, yoga, and revisiting creative ideas she had put on the back burner.

Her anxiety was off the charts: she’d just returned home from 6 weeks of a therapy retreat and the first thing she did was hire help to dig into and transform every closet, nook and cranny of her very large house. We did a full house purge and OMG…everything changed. She had BIG (really BIG) things coming up in her business life, now she could embrace them with more concentration, confidence and ease. Her results were so transformative, especially her office that you couldn’t even move around inside.

Honestly, a lot of my clients end up tossing so much that it scares the crap out of me!!! Okay, so most of my clients end up becoming addicting to tossing. You will too if you stick around. 😉 

I used to not share this part of the “after” story with others, because I didn’t want you to think you had to get rid of everything to have exquisite life stories to follow. Another lady hired a team of people in her business. And, yet another lady, went on to start a business, meet her future husband and have a baby.

She didn’t tell her husband she hired me. They were remodeling one last time before retiring. The stuff that came out of the cabinets, closets and bedroom was so massive…well, she knew who to call to make sense of it and help get everything streamlined. She tossed loads of “crap”, placed items on the road, and/or donated 7 chock-full SUV hauls of belongings. It was hard for her to resist tossing years of items her husband hadn’t touched or didn’t want to stop to decide what can stay or go – but these items were stored for that day he would dig in. One major thing she no longer wanted to do was throw lavish Christmas parties for her cardiologist collegues and their friends. We whisked major decorations and event ware away. What she did was absolutely incredible. She’s ready for traveling to their vacation homes, visiting adult child and grandchild, and just enjoying retirement in her redesigned home. It’s stunning.

The common theme clients have is that they were working so hard on their own, became overwhelmed, tired, stuck, didn’t know where to start, or felt like they were going in circles to figure everything out. It was faster and more fun to get expert help.

I mean, who else is going to tell you… we all have some areas that need more organization than others – like your panties don’t have to all be precisely folded, but your paperwork may need a bit more detailed organization.

You know what I mean???

And, if you own a business, and it’s part of your livelihood, then you’re in great company. I love making money and helping you make money, so we can take care of ourselves and do better things for others.

No business? That’s okay! Not all my clients have a business. Many are women entering later phases of life – empty nesters; or retirement is coming! Btw, I learn SO MUCH from you guys. And the other type of woman I work with is the incredible independent single woman. Love you guys too!!!

I enjoy working with good-spirited ladies who simply need support, guidance, or plain old fashion help!

Be prepared to have some laughs – and we’ll get all choked up together when you’re done. 

The most rewarding moment is when we complete an area and you can’t stop walking past it to soak up the good feelings and look at it again, then ONE more time!

Yes, it’s your space and it’s a work of streamlining beauty.

Now go do something incredible in your life!

Once your space is beautifully streamlined, I wish I could declare a law that you MUST have a house cleaning person pop in to help you keep it pristine clean. A housekeeper is a blessing – and it’s motivation for you to put things away properly. You may already have someone helping you, like many of my clients do. If so, good for you!

AND, I’d enforce a law to pick up after yourself daily and at the very least every other day — definitely daily if there’s more than one person in the house — if you don’t want things to spin too far out of control.

When I read Melody’s blog, I just felt that she would get me and that she wouldn’t judge me and I KNEW someone with that much passion for organizing could definitely whip me into shape. My sessions with Melody were so easy. I can’t say enough good things about her, but be prepared to put in some work and meet her halfway. While I was sad to be ending my private coaching sessions with Melody, I was so grateful to have had her in my life! She taught me so much more than just de-cluttering and organizing.

Nancy Urena



Melody Granger is a Professional Organizer, Streamlining Specialist, Spatial Expert and the founder of The Well-Organized Entrepreneur™ and The Streamlined Lifestyle.  Melody is the eator of the “Get More Done in ONE Week Than You Have ALL Month: JumpStarting Your Productivity… Immediately!™” 8 Day Intensive – her signature productivity program for women and women entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their prioritization, focusing, and non-procrastination skills; and she’s the hostess of Closet LOVE™: Clear Your Closets, Energize Your Life” – a unique 6 week program that blends a motivational group program with a private VIP session, so you can live an easier and more clutter-free life now.

Melody has had the opportunity and pleasure of impacting the lives of thousands of ladies (and a few gents) during her career. Using her extensive organizing experience, natural skills, plus step-by-step guidance systems, her clients get well-organized in their homes, streamline their lives, build business systems, and are enjoying the “seemingly magical” results – personally and professionally – without working so dang hard.

Overall Melody is passionate about helping women + home based entrepreneurs create pleasant environments and streamlined systems that allow them to keep up with more ease, and stay inspired to do their best work, while realizing even more dreams through profitable entrepreneurship.

Often it’s not really the time, money, or energy that holds you back… may just need someone to HELLLPPP!!!

But, before we meet, you may have questions that I can get answered for you right now.