Here are 3 ways to use interior design skills for arranging organizational containers and to make your website design aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

1.) The negative space is the blank space you see on walls or on surfaces of any type of furniture – too much negative space makes a room feel “colder” or “more sterile” instead of warm. On a website, the negative space would be called white space. And, generally speaking, it’s the opposite rule because you want plenty of white space – also called padding – to create space between columns, around photos, and between blog posts excerpts so each item is distinctively separate. This separation gives the eyes and brain some breathing room, and prevents running together of things – or the cluttered look. You don’t want way too much negative space in a room, unless the sparseness feels good to you.

2.) Balancing the “weight” of objects from one side of the room to the other with artwork, furniture, or accessories makes a person feel, well, balanced, instead of feeling lopsided. Keeping a good balanced “weight” or “flow” on your website is good design. If you’re wondering about the extra white space that appears in the sidebar column when a person begins scrolling down to finish reading your blog post, then it’s okay to have that white space (or negative space that isn’t balanced or “weighted”).

Your reader is probably so engrossed in reading that you wouldn’t want to distract them, anyway.

3.) Incorporating organizational pieces vertically or horizontally will help you add “weight” to negative spaces, so spend less money on “fluff” accessories to fill the “cold” spaces. When organizing smaller items that could look like clutter when left out in a room, you can cleverly design them into the room – visit home decor stores like Kohl’s, Ross’s, Burlington, or TJ Max to find interesting decorative containers like scrolled metal boxes, warm wood containers, stylish trays, and other quality decorative boxes with sassy patterns or textured fabric in colors to match your interior design palette. These pieces will be your accents or accessories. Remember, accents warm up a space – just don’t put too many accents on your website or in your home – or else it could become too “cluttered” to relax and enjoy.

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