You wish that every day you just get up and have this simple routine, and things are in order; and the routine to keep things in order doesn’t take very long and it’s not something that you’re thinking about all the time.

You like Mondays. It feels like a fresh start. Everyone goes to where they are going. You have nice quiet time to have coffee, eat what you like for breakfast. You LIKE Mondays.

You kinda enjoy shopping – picking out your food. But, you wish there was someone to fix little things, like chipped paint on a windowsill, without you ever having to notice, so your home always looks new. And, someone takes care of paperwork or reminds you to do it; someone does all the clothes; someone does all the cleaning, so everything is like it’s supposed to be in your mind.

You have a friend whose home is always spic-and-span. You know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but she makes everything look so easy. She has come over before to help you, or given you advice. You’ve even tried hiring outside help or another professional organizer, but they didn’t “get” you.

You’ve been really happy, then stuff started happening. Because of what you’ve been going thru, there were moments when you worried that you’d run out of money. Like, literally have zero. Life is brighter again and being smart with your money is a must. You’re looking to invest for professional help, because you know the support and motivation is really good for you.

You’re a good person. A good family person, sister, wife, daughter. Even when, if a situation hasn’t been ideal you can make the best of it. You want people to remember that about you. You did the best you could, and even when things were the hardest you kept the faith that things were going to be okay.

You think it’s very important for your kids to know that sometimes to get to a good place they may have to work really hard, and that work isn’t always fun… or doesn’t seem fun at the time… it seems just hard. But, their diligence is worth it for the outcome.

For you, success is feeling really good about where you are, on the inside. Being comfortable. It’s when you’re happy with the way everything is in life – and not being worried about money, your marriage, your kids, or anyone coming over because your house is dirty. It’s feeling proud of yourself.

IF you were a bragger, you’d like to be able to brag about — because you admire others who do this — being really ambitious and having a good career doing work that’s really fulfilling to you.

You struggle most with just being orderly and organized and at the end of the day accomplishing what you started out the day wanting to accomplish.

One of your biggest fears sorta lurking back there is that everything will ALL spin completely out of control. A less pressing fear, or worry, is you don’t like to have people come over to your house, come into your house, if it’s not at least sort of clean and orderly. Kind of a fear that someone will come over when you’re not expecting them.

Right now your structure is kind of thrown out the window to a large degree. During some parts of the year you definitely have more structure, but your schedule is loosely structured. You do know that when you have more tightly structured days, it works a lot better.

You get pulled away from your tighter structure or routine when you get distracted by one thing or another, like needing to call a friend that you’ve been putting off because you knew you’d talk for a long time…but you said “okay, I’ll just talk to her for 15 minutes.” Well, of course you ended up talking for an hour. Unplanned things pull you away from what you wanted to accomplish for the day. If someone calls and says “Hey do you want to go walk?” or “Hey do you want to go to a yoga class?” You’re not very good about saying no. You like to go do those things spontaneously but you get mad at yourself the next day because you still have a laundry room full of laundry, or whatever.

You enjoy doing healthy things for yourself, but you also know that taking care of your home is an excellent way to promote health in your mind, body and spirit because a well cared for home calms your mind. You are so much happier when you love how your home looks and functions, than when it is causing anxiety or stress.

Your ideal daily outcome is that every day you just get up and have this simple routine, and things are in order and it doesn’t take very long, and it’s not something that you’re thinking about all the time. Some people have it down pat, but you feel like you do not have it down pat anywhere.

You don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, if any at all. So that’s not where your time and energy goes.

You have either been diagnosed with, or have had moments of wondering if you have ADD/ADHD.

You want to be focused and organized so you can confidently accomplish the important things, take REAL care of yourself, and enjoy life with much more ease!

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