If you are selling your home, you HAVE got to beat your competion. Why??? Because the market is ripe with homes for sale!

And, after selling 2 homes, as well as, helping clients prepare homes to sale, I have some insight into making that happen with more speed.

Right now, you may be sitting on the sidelines watching the game of other homes getting picked over yours…

Even if you have the most adorable home, the stunning ones will elicit a very high emotional response.

The feeling of spaciousness, elegance, beauty, and unique charm will capture a heart and have people finding ways to afford the home that they fall in love with.

But, when I go online and see the inside of homes that don’t capture that spirit, I nearly fall out. Why? Because they aren’t minimalistic.

The homes on the market that aren’t moving quickly simply aren’t streamlined enough. You must pare down and remove all but the essentials of the home. Pack it up, give it away. Then pristine clean the home. Your cluttered home and your personal decorating style will only sale your home to yourself. Make the home unique by neutralizing the design pallette.

Put your best interior photos online. Show off updates. Show off a clean, spacious home that someone else can begin to imagine themselves living in.

Sure, there are other things that factor into the equation of how fast a home will sale, like location and curb appeal.

No matter the location, or curb appeal, you can give your home a fighting chance of being in the competition if you’ll make it as stunning as possible.

Less is more.

Furniture and plants are great, unless the furniture or plants overwhelm the room.

Display a few pieces of larger artwork throughout the home or a classy grouping of artwork for the focal points of each room – unless you have fireplaces or other built-in features that will be your focal points of the room.

Fresh large plants that are thriving in the space can add touches of “life” to the senses. And greenery is always beautiful in a serene home.

So, go make your home streamlined, pristine clean, and serene.

Then put your home on the market, so it can capture the heart of someone who is looking for a stunning emotional response to help them make their decision on which home to buy.