A non-negotiable task is a task that you must do most every day to keep your cleaning routine flowing smoothly.

You can identify your own “non-negotiable” tasks by finding the exact reason you come to a halt – a complete stop – before you can do the next step.

Some common core non-negotiables you can do daily to improve your efficiency and increase your “get the house clean fast” momentum are:

  • empty the dishwasher – then you can flow into the next step of focusing on cleaning out the sink and cleaning off the counters
  • change trash liner – then you can fill it up all day
  • empty the dryer – fold/hang laundry (and put away!), then you can toss the next wet load to dry; and start a new load of washing
  • stack pillows at head of bed – then you can grab edges of blankets to snap-flap-swing-blankets across bed for a quick make-up-the-bed
  • make neat piles on desk/workspace/table – then you have clear space and sane mind to process one pile of paper at a time

The next time you are cleaning and you have that moment of ugh!, identify the 1 task that MUST be done to get the cleaning-flow going.

If you need to put something away and the storage area is the problem because it is too full or too hard to put things away, then your solution for more ease may be a major purging and re-organizing of the space.

Cleaning may never end, but when you do some core steps to make the cleaning flow faster, then it becomes easier!