If you’re new to “chunking” time management strategies to improve your productivity, then you’ll learn a new way to get things done. And, if you just need a reminder, then welcome back to “chunking”

Chunking or Blocking your time is when you do one type of activity for a designated amount of time – it could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. You pick how often!

An example:

Let’s say you have 5 hours a day dedicated to working from home and you want to accomplish a full week’s of work (let’s say 40 hours) in those 5 hours. Your time allotted is 25 hours for the week.

If you use social media for content and marketing distribution, then setting aside 1 day per week to curate a month’s worth of content is blocking your time for completing that one activity. Heck, you could get 4 month’s worth done in one month – then take a few months off curating social media content. That’s serious time saving.

The reason you are more productive when you chunck is because you aren’t switching gears between activities. Every time you have to switch gears, your mind has to stop and go, which means you have to gain momentum again.

The momentum or being in the flow, getting faster, and being in a single line of repetition makes you faster. This is especially important momentum if you are the type that has to refresh their memory on how to do a task.

Chunking to be more efficient is as smart as taking the driving route that allows you to gain speed for most of your drive vs taking the route with a stop sign or stop light every quarter of a mile. It would take forever to reach a longer destination.

You can also think of the benefits of chunking or batching in this way, to give you some perspective:

If you had to bake 3 dozen cookies, you wouldn’t mix the cookie dough for one or two cookies at a time (or slice one cookie dough portion off at a time!) and bake it, then come back later to repeat the process and bake 2 more cookies.

No, that would be crazy!

Instead you’d whip up the cookie dough batter (or pull out the ready made cookie dough!) and cook the biggest batch of cookies at a time that’s possible. You shorten your prep time, your cook time, your cookie platter decorating, and your clean up time.

You can use batching for your morning tidying, daily business tasks, and running errands.

Another example?

Let’s say you want to using this chunking technique for several responsibilities on a Friday:

30-60 minutes of email follow-up; responding to all final emails you didn’t get to earlier in the week; cleaning out your inbos

45 minutes for administrative tasks – filing (paper or electronic files on desktop/downloads); entering accounting data; refilling computer paper

30-60 minutes of social media interacting – relationship building

60-75 minutes to knock out items or finish a project you didn’t finish earlier in the week

15 minutes cleaning the workspace, prepping for Monday, and locking up for the weekend

You get to pick the right amount of time you need for tasks, and how often you want to accomplish them, but whatever you do, if you want to accomplish more in less time, don’t randomly hop all over the place or cook one cookie at a time. It truly is a time waster!

What’s something you could start saving time on and just get it done if you “chunked” it into a block of time?