You’ve been getting into the groove a great routine.

Maybe it’s just the morning and evening routine you’re doing best at, but as life gets busier with your schedule, other people, or a project you’re working on, you are letting it slip.

And, this slip in your routine is causing your days to get more frantic, hectic, or stressful.

You KNOW if you stick to your morning and evening routine, your life flows more smoothly, but how do you stop the backsliding?

You’re right, you must stop the backsliding before things spin completely out of control.

Control is what you want.

A smooth morning and evening are the bane of your existence. 

It’s the glue that keeps you sane and energetic, instead of exhausted. And, it’s what’s going to allow you to maintain your energy and take on more while being productive.

Backsliding on your routine is a recipe for overwhelm and exhaustion.

As soon as you notice that you are backsliding, identify one thing that you’ve skipped doing lately.

Go do it right now.

Tomorrow, you want to get back into the routine, by at least going thru a mini-version of it, like for your walk, walk out the door, around your vehicle or to the mailbox – even if it only takes 30 seconds, do it. 

Keep making the motion – for filing paperwork, file 1 thing, instead of 15.

The smallest actions and the smallest motions behind the intention are going to help you get back into your groove faster.

Make your routine check list and LOOK at it. Then do one thing after another. Check it off. Some days you may have to move more quickly when life is being hectic. Try not to rush though. 

Spending 10 seconds on a piece of your routine is better than completely skipping over it. 

Skipping leads to backsliding situations.

Stop the backsliding pronto!

Shall we walk?

See ya at the mailbox!