It will take 5-6 weeks to be removed from a mailing list because the companies already have you in their systems for future mailings up to 6 weeks ahead. Sometimes it can take a bit longer, so write the date of your request to be removed and if you stop receiving mail after the approximately 6 weeks, then it worked! If not, try again.

You’ll need the EXACT address that is printed on the mail you don’t want to receive, so have the advertisements handy.

TIP: if you ordered items online from a company, then started to receive catalogs from that company AND suddenly started receiving catalogs from another company you didn’t purchase from, then you most likely purchased from a company that has sister companies.

An example would be like this:  You purchased items from Athleta, then started receiving catalogs from Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. (I’ll share the most direct way on how to get removed from magazines below.)

If you orderend Christmas gifts online or by phone via a popular pastry company and had them directly shipped to your friends, family, or clients, then you may have started receiving other magazines for gift giving from a sister company.

Just like Brinker International owns multiple restaurants, like Chili’s and Magianno’s, or have a smaller stake in other restaurants, so do retail companies.

This is also true for brands you purchase at a Costco, Target, or Kroger’s:  for example the P&G brand company creates products like Tide, Gain, Bounce, Mr Clean, Bounty, Febreeze and more!

So, when you’re removing yourself from mailing lists, keep in mind, you can remove yourself from multiple lists at one time by requesting to removed from sister companies, as well.  It’s a time saving technique I learned over the years helping my clients get off mailing lists.

Here are links to popular mailing lists that you may want to be removed from:

Retail Me Not

Insurance and Credit Offers

Telemarketers Calling Your Phones

Commercial Advertising via Email

Deceased Do Not Contact

Magazines and Shopping Catalogs

For the quickest results, sort your catalogs/magazines by their brand name.

Locate the phone number, which is usually in very small print on the front or back page.

Call the number (or if you only find a website name, go there and find the phone number. )

Once you have the company on the phone, say this:

I’d like to be removed from the mailing list of “name of magazine”.

Once they remove you, then keep them on the line and say…

I’d also like to be removed from “name of next magazine”.  And, individually name each catalog/magazine.

Here’s the catch and time saver… when I’ve done this for myself and others, the company does not usually offer to remove you from ALL their sister companies mailing lists when you are calling about one specific catalog. Nor, do they offer to tell you which companies are their sister companies. However, if you tell them you want to name all the catalogs you are receiving, and whichever ones are under their control, as you call them out, then they will happily say “yes, I can remove you from that one, too” or “no, that catalog isn’t ours.”

If you have solicitiations from local private businesses, like a doctor’s office, contact them directly to request removal of your address from their mailing list.

Have fun!  And enjoy less paper in your home.


PS You can ADD yourself to mailing lists to receive you favorite “junk mail”, like magazines or coupons, too.