You’re moving! And someone will be signing the contract to buy your home.

Your realtor will most likely give you a list of things you can do to prep your home for sale:

Painting is usually high on the list, or at least touch up painting if your home’s paint job only has a few spots to touch up.

You may be given encouragement to invest in updating a few things, as well, depending on the age or condition of your home.

Some people love a fixer upper, and if that’s what you’re selling, then let your realtor know you want to sell “as is”.

But, I really want to help you get your rooms looking streamlined and more spacious, whether it’s in tip-top-updated shape or you’re selling a home with smaller storage spaces.

Decluttering is a MUST. Why? Space sells. Especially, storage space!

Removing excess items from closets and inside cabinets will give the areas some spacious relief. Breathing room. Lightness.

Aim for 1/3 of the storage spaces to be empty (or only 2/3rds full) to give the illusion that the storage space is larger with plenty of room to grow. You can clean out more than 1/3 of the storage space if you’d like, of course.

That’s it for today!