This brilliant idea came to me YEARS ago and it’s SO great you’ll catch yourself using it, too!

Anyone can implement this idea to keep your christmas wrap and accessories hidden right in front of everyone’s eyes, but they won’t see it!

For your little things, like gift tags, scissors, ribbons, bows and tape, you know those fake Christmas gifts you’ve seen used to decorate store fronts, around the Christmas trees at parties, or for Christmas photo shoots?

Well, you can fake people out too by picking out one or two pre-decorated Holiday boxes with lids and tossing your smaller wrapping accessories inside. 

Find a decorative Christmas box that you REALLY LOVE – bonus points if it has a tab top. This would match my Christmas color scheme and is at Michael’s. Be sure you find a box size that fits the amount of items you’ll need for your little wrapping things.

It’s the best time saver, and you can’t lose your scissors or tape, if you tuck them right back in the box, and push the box back under the tree. 😀 

For your Christmas paper wrap storage, find a longer, flatter box. Think in terms of a dress gift box ir trench coat gift box… and drop your rolls of wrap and indiviual squares of wrap inside! 

Sometimes the Christmas boxes with lids in this side are hard to find. A great alternative is to find a premium white box and wrap the bottom and lid individually with your choice of Christmas paper. It will be uniquely your own design! (Psst…or you can pop a beautiful red bow on it.) The white storage box below is from The Container Store. 

Now, let’s talk about your gift bags… you’ve probably seen or done this one before. Select your most delightful gift bag and store several different sizes of gift bags inside it.  Don’t forget to add tissue! 

The following gift bags I picked up at Walmart. So light-hearted, fun and cute!

This will help you keep your gift wrap station at your fingertips AND organized in a way that you can quickly tuck it away – hidden out of sight of guests! It’s one of my favorite and oldest Christmas organization tricks. 

The BEST part… when it’s time to put away the Christmas decor, these boxes are already packed up and ready to be put away with no extra work.

This is a shareable article that many can implement, even young kids and older college students!  Please share with your favorite people in the world.

Happy Holidays!