As more and more people begin working remotely from home, the need for a home office is increasing.

But space can be limited. Before deciding on a floating desk or console table, let’s find you somewhere to set up shop. I’ll sprinkle desk ideas to incorporate into the workspaces I’m helping you discover in this article. I may receive compensation from Amazon for purchases you make thru product links like the ones you see below. (I love shopping amazon! You too?) Okay…let’s go!

If you don’t have an actual office or clearly defined workspace and you’re walking around your home trying to find the ideal location – without giving up an area that you love – then these ideas are for YOU.

Where is the location that has the most filled-up storage? Walk to the space(s) and look at them from a fresh perspective that you’ll use it as an office workspace.

It’s probably an area that you tend to toss things into when company is coming, like a spare guest room (unless you actually allow the guest to sleep over!)…in that case, you may have to create a combo guest/office room. Both areas have to be streamlined in order to create a pleasurable experience for both jobs the room will be used for.

IF you are looking and the space truly has too much stuff in it for you to even begin to believe you can get rid of the stuff, then that’s just overwhelm speaking. Overwhelm makes a person stop before they begin. It is hard to make decisions when overwhelmed. However, you’ve got this!!!

Another area may be a bathroom.

Yes, the bathroom! But, let’s call it a rest room. You may not want to convert the bathroom into an office, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future, but it’s certainly not out of the question. Why the restroom? You may be surprised at how many people go to the bathroom for private phone calls, to have some quiet time, or simply just sit and read. You’ve done this before, right?  Of course, if you’re doing video presentations, you may not want the toilet to be seen. However, a shower curtain or stunning wall can make a great background! Usually, lighting is very well in restrooms, too.

Get creative, if this sparked an idea for you. You could install one of the following type desks – and no one would be the wiser about what you really use the furniture for. Unless you don’t care what people think…because you’ve got to do what you need to do to get things done!

A decent sized closet or nook in your home is another common place to set up your home office.

If there are things stored in this area, it’s time to make room for the new chapter in your life. Do you really, really, really need the items located in this space? If you’re keen on this idea, then cull down as much of the items as you can by having a purging party and passing things along.

For items you absolutely want to keep, it’s time to find new spaces or new ways to beautifully store the items. If items can stay in the space, without interfering in your professional workspace, then great. If not, make room for them in another area of your home. Yes, that means you’ll have to cull down and pass along items in another area of the home, to make comfortable storage for the items you’ve decided to keep from the nook, closet, or guest room.

You may have other storage options in your home that I’m not mentioning – I can’t see your home to help you figure it out! If you want help making the transformation, please don’t hesitate to contact me. A simple hello could lead to a million things!

Three more areas that can’t be overlooked are the laundry area; a wall where you can place a narrow table or floating shelf strong enough to be used for a desk top and deep enough to hold a piece of paper (10 to 12′ minimum); or even converting a shed, pool house, or portion of a parking structure into your new home office. We once turned one half of a front porch into a giant closet. And a close friend of mine created a very inviting office using one half of her porch…with french doors leading from a bedroom to the new office space. Stunning results can happen when you “add-on” a room to an existing structure.

You could also find a space that is easily adjusted to meet your needs – a sunroom, foyer, nook near a staircase, and another small space that doesn’t have a lot of traffic walking by.

No matter what you decide, you’re thinking in the right direction and that’s a big step. Enjoy this exciting time to make working from home practical, professional and pleasurable.

If you’re creating a full office, then you may want to peek at this article to help you get it organized: The 7 Essential Parts of An Organized Office That You Can Put Into Place Starting Tonight

Looking forward to seeing you around here more!