Starting a business from home can be so exciting – the dreams you have of having more control over how you spend your time – and there’s also an exciting-anxiety inducing component, when you’re actually going for it. The OMG, I just quit my job moment!!! I’m doing it!

The first thing I did was clean house like a mad woman – including every cabinet, closet, and square inch of the space.

Then, I got my personal finances in order, re-organized my file cabinets, and set up office to run a business from home.

Then it was time to GO find clients!

But, how do you find clients when starting a business?

  1. Figure out what to call yourself. Using common keywords that people will actually search for in a phone book, online, or ask someone for a referral – are the types of words you’ll want to use to identify yourself. I didn’t want to be called a “Professional Organizer”, back then, but it was a common name used to identify what I did. (Read “Meet Melody” to learn more about my biz start up story.)
  2. Build a website. Three pages are sufficient to get started – The Home Page That Describes What You Do, An About You Page, and A Contact Page. Include a blog page if you enjoy writing and want to share your articles on Social Media sites, which will help people find you.
  3. Run a google ad if you have a local service or business. Run FaceBook Ads from your business FaceBook page for local, national, or international services/products. FaceBook is almost like Google – at least browswers pop up FaceBook search results above many other search results online.
  4. You could hold a free training or demonstration in venues such as the Library. If it’s free, you can have it published in the communicty section of a local newspaper. (And, don’t be surprised if you’re contacted by media companies – news, radio, and local magazines.)
  5. You could offer to be a resource to journalist. Send a message to let them know what you do and that you’d be happy to be a resource for them when they are covering a topic you could consult on. They are always looking for fresh new faces and content to help with their stories, to engage their readers. By helping them do their job, you get exposure (for free!)
  6. Offer an interview with other online podcasters (or start your own!).

Those are the things I did to get started finding clients with little or no money. These are some ways to let others know you exist and have something they may be interested in learning more about to get the service or product for themselves.

You can also write articles for other online blogs, magazines, and popular websites. In your author bio, leave a link back to your website.

Business these days is a whole new ball game because of technology. Be yourself, have fun, be strategic, have fun, and let the world know you have something to contribute to better their lives.

Once you start taking actions to let people know you exist, other opportunities tend to appear out of nowhere – like people come to you and ask for your expertise or inquire about your products or services. Just have fun.