To clean your office – the ENTIRE office, including desk drawers, shelves, file systems, and all those little things – follow my lead.

First, use one side of the office to stack all items from the top of your desk. Go ahead and move items located on your floor to that side of the room also. Including trash cans, shredders, and chairs.

Next, if you have shelving systems, place contents from a few shelves at a time onto your desk. Use a duster or damp cloth to wipe each shelf. Dry shelf with a dry cloth. To repel future dust, you can use a furniture dusting spray.

Before replacing shelf items, wipe them down and replace only the items you still enjoy seeing or using. I highly recommend changing your shelf displays up for a fresh new look.

Once you’re done cleaning your shelves, items you use more often are best stored in a convenient location for you to access. Heavier objects can be placed on lower shelves for safety reasons. Anchor shelving systems to the wall if you want a sturdier solution for storing heavier objects like books, especially in higher locations.

Next, clean out your file cabinet. Grab one handful of files at a time and place on your desk. Simply flip thru each file folder and toss documents you no longer need to keep. It’s important you do this step, so you get refreshed on what documents you have stored, and so you can free up space to keep your file system easy to use. Once you’re done cleaning out  each file drawer, replace the file folders. Repeat this process, one handful at a time until you’re done.

Got binders? Notebooks? Or other containers of papers? Grab one handful at a time, flipping thru each item and toss what you no longer need. If you had paper items stored on shelving system, then be sure you purged those, too.

Your toss/shred/recycle piles should be growing, and you may be feeling lighter after cleaning out your papers. Yay!

Next, let’s move to the office closets, desk drawers, note boards, and other containers you’re using to store items.

One container or section at a time, place items on your desk. Remove items you no longer want or need. Tidy up items so they are neat. Clean the container – shelf, box, bin, drawer, board, pen holder, etc. Replace items you’ve chosen to keep. Or create a new home, if you’re changing things up in your office.

Now, clean the top of your desk, if you haven’t already done so. Make it sparkle! You can dust electronics and use wet cloth to clean dust or hand smudges on cords.

All clean!?!

Neatly replace desk items you’re keeping that I guided you to stack one side of the room. Note: Clean decorative items, including wall decor for an extra clean you’ll feel when you walk into the room.

By now, you probably only have the items that were originally sitting on the floor left to deal with. Clean and put them away, discarding items you no longer want or need. Don’t hesitate to let go, let go, let go. A streamlined office is such a soothing treat for your nervous system (senses), your confidence and productivity because it’s an easier lifestyle.

Shred your shred pile. Gather the old and new trash piles, donations, recyclables and items belonging in another room – take them out of the office, sitting them into a hallway or outside the office entrance works for the moment.

Clean or dust office chairs, trash cans, and other items that still need cleaning. You can hit your window sills and baseboards too for an ultimate clean. Ceiling fans, blinds,  AC filters/vents and other air conditioning items can be cleaned too – while you’re at it. The pristine clean results are totally worth the effort.

Put away items that are left on one side of the office.

Dustmop, vacuum, or sweep your floors. Get the corners.

Go put away items you placed in hallway, and when you return to your freshly cleaned office you’ll want to hang out in there for a while!

If your office is too hard to clean properly because it’s become a catchall room, or if you need a new file system or other office organizational systems put into place, then reach out to tell me what’s been happening in your life and why it’s so important to you to get your office into streamlined order. I can most likely help you.

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Have a fantastic day!