Have you ever been in the midst of your day and have a thought about something you need to do – a really important thought or idea – that you want to remember to research more or get done?

But, you know for sure if you don’t write it down or capture it, you’ll forget. You knowwww you’ll forget. And later it will cross your mind again And again

Here are a couple ways I recommend capturing your thoughts – without using a pen.

When you use this method, follow this rule rule of thumb: try something at least twice, then if you notice it’s pretty cool, begin the journey of practicing it as often as you can remember. Practice – even imperfect practice – is THE way you create new natural habits. Your new habit eventually becomes a way of life.

#1 Send yourself an email message from your phone. Make sure the title is exactly accurate for what’s inside. For example, when I was researching opening an aerial stretching studio in my local area, I would forward the link with the info I discovered directly to my email. Each email had a specific topic – like, traffic data; building / real estate option; color & sound therapy; chimes product; gemstone colored studio silks; aerial yoga certifications / trainings; booty sculpting routines; gentle stretching routines; member services and package plans; scheduling software; disclaimers; business plan instructions; business loan application; city business ordinances; naming my business; marketing locations for my area; marketing costs; etc.

For that specific example, since the research was so in depth, I created a file folder to store all related “reminders” to review.

You can send yourself reminders for random thoughts that pop into your head throughout the day, for links with info that caught your attention, links with instructions (like how to donate pill bottles), or reminders to call someone.

#2 Use your “notes” features on your phone. This feature is especially helpful for items you need to purchase; keeping track of ink cartridge numbers, hearing aid battery sizes, watch battery size, A/C filter size, and specific measurement/size/brands you purchase over and over again throughout the year.

#3 Pen and Paper. I know I mentioned how to send reminders when you don’t have pen and paper readily available (or tend to lose the notes), but if there are items you think of that need to be completed ASAP – like today – make a list on paper and refer to it all day. Keep the page near you at all times. If it needs to be completed by an upcoming deadline, then keep putting the written note in front of you.

It’s so easy to get distracted, side tracked, and forgetful. Having any 3 forms of these reminders will help you keep your mind focused and clear. Knock things out one at a time.