Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling really well, very happy about something, or just having a pleasant day that things don’t tend to stress you out? For example, a mess in the house is “just a mess” and you’re happily motivated to tidy it up real fast. Or when someone you know calls because they are feeling down. You are vibrant and able to listen with ease and give them encouraging words, if needed.

However, if you’re stressing, then a lost document or messy house adds more stress to you. If you call someone to release some of your pressure, you transfer some of your stress to them – it’s up to the person you call not to receive the bulk of the stress you’re releasing.

Good things can be stressful too! Maybe a birthday party or holiday event is great fun for you, but pulling off all the pieces becomes stressful. Some people enjoy doing things with others, like attending events, but it’s a mixture of energizing and stressful for them.

Remodeling can be exceedingly exciting and intensely stressful. You may be working on something that will have huge happy rewards, but experience stress getting there. Only you know if it’s worth it in the end.

In happy stressful situations or high-pressured-non-pleasant stressful situations, a person can have a stress come down, which means once the thing is over, their bodies release tension and get flooded with blah…don’t feel well…perhaps getting a 🤕 headache.

The thing about stress is that how it affects you depends on your tolerance levels to it. Some people can handle a lot of stress – thriving on it – while others can’t tolerate the anxiety or distressful feelings it creates in the mind and body.

Some stress is good for people, because it literally makes a person take action. High, debilitating, or chronic stress is not good for the body – and if research is correct, the longer your stress levels are high the circulatory system, nervous system and brain activities can change to cause ailments and diseases in the body.

Personally I can’t operate under intense stressful situations – sure I may be able to get thru it – but I am much more competent and motivated when I am feeling really good. I thrive when my body and mind feel happy and healthy.

Right now if you are experiencing a stressful moment or situation, and it’s negatively affecting you –  find 2 to 3 ways to begin relieving it so you can regroup and move forward.

If the stress is causing you take action in a good way, then you may still need to find ways to reduce your stress levels.  Many different types of stressors can pile up on you and the cumulative effect can add up to toxic levels. Know your breaking point and stay way below it. Be careful with your body by always finding ways to reduce stress.

In the moment of stress, do some deep breathing, walk to pump cortisol out and pump some good endorphins into your body, and/or clean up a mess.

Once you are feeling a bit better, you may have a new perspective on what action you need to do next so your stress levels reduce and you can move forward in less anxiety or pain. A solution may have popped into your mind while you were de-stressing.

And, if you decide to clean something and have the instinct to toss some items, then purge baby purge.

It’s when you’re under stress that you can quickly identify what items are truly adding to your work load instead of making life easier.

Remove yourself from stressful situations if at all possible, at least until you have regulated (soothed) yourself back to a calmer state.

Do what works for you to release stress on a regular basis. Some people do 5 Minutes of intense exercise to pump their heart rate up, so their body is able to regulate back to normal at a quicker pace, so if they experience heart pumping stress they can more naturally adapt back to normal faster. Because they’ve intentionally practiced.

If any disorganization in your environment is adding more unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation, and you’d LOVE the support, motivation and guidance to get it streamlined, then I can help you. Just reach out.