Some days you are able to accomplish tasks smoothly.

Other days you get a great big start on a project, but for whatever reason you have to stop and move onto something else.

Then there are the days you literally have a hard time getting to the task that you really have to finish. And you have legit reasons, not excuses, for not being able to focus on it. So you think about it!!!  And are trying to figure out how you can accomplish the task and be done.

When you are in a position that you truly can’t get back to that project for any great deal of time, then you’ll need to work in smaller batches of time on a daily basis. It may be 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes, or every moment you have some spare time alone.

Before you proceed on any project, regardless of how much time you have, be sure to set tour work area up in an assembly line format. in other words, have everything you need to accomplish the task neatly lined up in the order you’ll use them. Do as much prep work as you can in your project space, so you can work, work, work; and when you have to stop to tend to other things, then you can pop in and out to do a little more each time.

This method will work to help you accomplish the task. Tackle it productively as often as you can!!!

Good luck and have fun with your project!