Do you remember playing office, school, or mail person when you were a child? Little girls especially LOVE to play with envelopes, check lists, and “secretarial” or “teacher” type supplies.

When I taught a week-long organizing class to 3rd to 5th grade girls, at a University that offered summer classes for kids, I was reminded how much fun making file folders and labels were for the girls. There was a mix of the girls aged 8-12 who wanted to learn how to fold t-shirts to save space in your drawers. 😀 (Pass it on to the kids in your life! More children find this video AND love it.)

Heck, even 19 year olds and 91 year olds still LOVE the tshirt folding video plus, fun office organizational things like these:

So colorful. So FUN! Found at
We could all use a motivational calendar. 😀
Found at
She’ll be learning so much about calendars when you gift her some planning stickers!
Found by Google Express at Walmart
Every girl needs some little scribble note books.
Found at Oriental Trading 
Wouldn’t her name at the top DELIGHT her? 
Customize with Child’s Name – Found at
And to complete the gift, find greeting cards! Dollar Store has really cute blank cards. This is my personal photo – the “file” stand came from office depot. I use it for my cards.

I could probably spend hours, or days finding cute things for little girls to learn organizational skills… in a FUN way!

I used to buy envelopes and other office supplies to gift for girls’ birthdays! They LOVE it.

I’d love to hear what ideas sparked in your head for a gift package like this.. and you’d be helping other gift shoppers create something sweet and special. Leave a comment below.

NOTE:  If you live in the Shreveport area, I offer professional holiday gift wrapping services for those who need the help. Like my Mother does every year!!!  She’s a big gifter.