The most excellent way to see your life in restropect is to consider your past 10 years and make a review. It would sound something similar to what you’d say in the therapists office upon your first visit as you sat there ticking off “what’s happened”.  These are the most memorable and impacting things that have happened in your life.

These are the types of words that will trigger what to write for your 10 Years in Review:

Lessons and Traumas and Confusions and Clarities.

Achievements and Proud Moments.

Shame and Guilt.

Humiliations and Over-Comings.

Bright Bursts of Ideas, Creativity, Purposes.

To get started grab a few sheets of paper and some colored pens.

Page 1: My 10 Years In Review

Write down one remarkable item for each year…and if you have several remarkable moments that impacted you in ways you’d never imagine, write them all down.

  • YEAR (previous year):
  • YEAR (previous to previous year)

Keep writing down the previous year until you reach 10 years of review.


This is all about next year. There are no detailed plans involved, simply

Section 1: write down several things you are excited about researching, accomplishing, learning, doing.

Section 2: write down ways you can create some freedom to do things you’ve listed in section 1.

Section 3: write down things you don’t want to experience again & how you can prevent them from happening

Section 4: write down ways you can change your environment to support you positively and productively in your new year – pssst…get rid of things slowing you down or in opposition to what you desire

Section 5: write down a promise to yourself (whatever it is that you want to promise yourself is perfect.) Keep this promise to yourself.

Section 6: write down the type of people and things to surround yourself with – specifics if possible – so you have a personal or impersonal support system to influence your personality, mindset, and success of whatever is next for you.

Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe in great things to come.