Even if you consider yourself mostly together, like me, spaces can get full fast – and it’s hard to keep things straight. When you’re ready to clean things out and let go of even the good stuff, it’s because you’re preparing for change and wanting more FREEDOM to accomplish daily tasks + have time, energy and space to concentrate on other enjoyable things in your life.

You are beginning to realize that life isn’t so much about the stuff, as it to experience life with less exhaustion and more lightness.

The busier you are, the more you appreciate the freedom from stuff, and the ability to focus on priorities – you know, like more easily earning the living, spending time doing more fun things with your favorite people (or alone!), and being able to more deeply relax when you’re at home or on the go.

You don’t want to fight the cabinets to fit stuff inside, or feel unprofessional when you can’t find an important document, or spend more time cleaning than you do sleeping.

The dream may not be the stark reality of many people with kids – but life can still be better than living with all that stuff to maintain and care for… excess stuff is like having extra kids!!!

And, I get that as parents we want to give our kids all that we can. By modeling to them that it’s okay to pass on, lose interest, and not like something anymore. By passing on we create more space to enjoy the things we keep. Kids especially behave differently when they aren’t overwhelmed, too. You get to be the model and help them learn there’s a time to keep and a time to let go.

If you have too much stuff, especially because of the circumstances you’ve been in and you’ve been focused elsewhere, before you make final decisions on what stays or goes, but now the excess stuff is not tolerable anymore, then it’s time to purge. That’s why it’s been bothering you so much!

As you and your life change, your space needs to change too, so you can adapt and move forward with more lightness and ease. Sometimes that means letting go of the good stuff!

When a person is letting go of the good stuff, they truly understand the higher value of the mental and physical space they are freeing up.

You can talk yourself into keeping anything, but can you talk yourself out of it???

The best purging parties include getting rid of the good stuff too!