I have the opportunity to get the inside look of a lot of homes! And arrange things where the homeowner(s) can enjoy high functioning spaces.

Whether I’ve worked with someone privately in a home they have lived inside for years, or I’m working to unpack a family’s belongings into a newly purchased home, the storage solutions cause regret.

Don’t be blinded by the visual illusion of “plenty of storage” when looking at new homes, especially in larger homes that seem to have more cabinets, drawers, or open closet space.  Yes, the pure spaciousness and increased amount of storage is real, however, some key features that will keep your life more peaceful and tolerable inside the home can be missing.

Here’s what I recommend you consider as your MUST HAVES before falling in love with a home and purchasing it. Or you may regret the purchase.

Kitchen storage MUST haves:

Deep drawers, adjustable shelving for ability to store larger height items, and a pantry with extra section large enough to store your bulk items.

Office storage MUST haves:

Floor to ceiling book shelves with adjustable shelving, large closet (or 2 smaller closets) to store bulk office supplies and permanent records,  and at least a small coat closet.

Living room storage MUST haves:

Cabinet for extra media devices, cords, batteries, electronic parts; nearby storage closet for games, comfort linen (throw blankets), pillows; and book shelves for books or decorative items, including framed photos/artwork.

Laundry room storage MUST haves:

Plenty of space to line up laundry baskets/hampers; a functional hanging rod; folding clothes counter or table. Shelving for sorting folded laundry by person or room is ideal, to keep the laundry room highly functonable even if clothing hasn’t been put away yet.

Restroom storage MUST haves:

Shallow section of shelves for toietries (one shelf for each category of skin care regimen you enjoy, and for beauty and spa treatment products); deep shelves for bulk products; small and medium depth drawers for “at your fingertips” hygiene; hair brushes, heat styling products.

Closet storage MUST haves:

Long hanging storage, medium length hanging storage, short hanging storage; ample amount of shelves for your shoe collections; reachable shelving space for purses, bags, and accessories; hooks for robes, bedwear, and wear again clothing.

Bedroom storage MUST haves:

Nearby linen closet.

Extra closet storage MUST haves:

Small closet in each hallway; small cleaning closet near kitchen and if two-level, one on each floor; coat closet by entry and exit doors; closet for hand tools, power tools, parts/pieces of appliances, extra screws and other hardware, plus paint.

Just because a room has 20 drawers, doesn’t mean it’s a great storage solution. These drawers can be frustrating if you can’t remember what’s in each one, AND especially frustrating if they are all shallow and you are not able to group like things together for more ease and efficiency in your life.

Just because a room has a lot of open space, doesn’t mean it has great storage solutions, so look for the nooks and closets that will help you store the items you want put away when they aren’t in use. The plus to a large spacious room is that you can incorporate storage by arranging pieces of furniture or having some storage built-in.

Yes, the home you have fallen in love with is wonderful!!!

But, don’t regret your purchase by finding out it’s frustrating to perform simple daily functions because the storage was misleading and it totally sucks!