Are you on the search for the perfect new home?

You know, the one that fits your personality and style, and it’s aesthetically pleasing to your eyes? It looks like it has a lot of space and you’ll have plenty of storage to keep things beautiful, organized and manageable once you start living there. It’s exciting!

But beware… because there are 3 often overlooked storage solutions missing in many charming homes that are on the real estate market.

It’s easy to fall in love with a new home and COMPLETELY forget about some of the storage solutions that you’ll need for your bulk supplies in these three categories of your life:

Your bulk food supplies you purchase – make sure the pantry has enough space for your lifestyle! And be careful when ordering online at Costco, because I have a friend who ordered a few boxes of cereal, but 3 cases arrived at his door! It’s a great conversation piece if you visit his home and a fun laugh over cereal. No matter how much extra food items you normally purchase, make sure there’s plenty of space to store it conveniently and easily!

Your bulk toiletry and hygienic supplies – these are items like your extra paper towels; 3-pack cleaning supplies; trash bags; huge totes of toilet paper; toothpaste; shampoos.  It’s great to save money when buying in bulk, but if the items become cumbersome and more frustrating to store conveniently, then it may not be worth the savings. You’ll end up at the doctor to treat your anxiety of tripping over boxes of toothpaste! I’m being funny, of course, but it’s not funny when you don’t have proper space for these types of items.

Next up, you’ll want to make sure there is a storage spot for your gifts, gift wrapping, and gift cards. This is an especially important category you’ll want a storage solution for, especially if you enjoy spontaneously shopping as you come across something perfect for a friend (or whoever!)

And, if you’re an entrepreneur who invests in bulk marketing supplies, copy paper, and other office supplies, like ink cartridges, pens, or notebooks…then make sure your new home has a specific storage area for these things.

Additional storage areas you may want to put on your new dream home list are for:

-small household tools, and home improvement items like paint brushes

-utility closet for brooms, mops, vacuum, dusters, cleaning cloths, etc.

-coat closet

-linen closet – blankets, bed linen, extra pillows for guests, table linen

-entertainment closet – games, golfing, hiking, and other sports equipment

-seasonal decor

-and if you hosts parties or events, then you’ll need a storage space to keep these items all in one place

What other great storage solutions do want to make sure is included in your next new home? And, which ones are you willing to sacrifice (really think about this!)

If you know someone purchasing or selling a home, please forward this to them. And, if you’d be interested in having me consult about the storage in your potential new home, then send me an email and ask for my help!