Have you ever had the thought, “I just want a place of my own.”

I have had that thought often, in fact nearly my entire life – from childhood when I just wanted my own bedroom.

To adult life, where I just wanted my own serenity room – for stretching, reading, being quiet, sleeping and doing facials or pedicures. A health spa. 🙂

OR when I  just wanted to escape people and “be” in a lovely, peaceful, energizing environment.

And, it especially hit me when I needed my own office and quiet space to fully give it my all when running a business from home. I dreamed of a beautiful luxury poolhouse style cabana office, so I could walk out of the house I freshly tended every morning so it was pleasant for everyone, and then walk straight into an oasis “workplace”.

The reason having a place of my own was such a strong desire, is because I wanted no one else’s energy. No one else’s distractions. No one else’s stuff to contend with. It’s like having breathing room to just be me, and be able to operate in a way that is positively fueling to my mind, body, and spirit. You know, operating from an environment that brings out the best in me.

You may have different reasons for desiring a place of your own.

And, I’m sure your dreams are brilliant because you know what you need and want, in order to live fully.

Try to create that space where you live now.

My first “work from home” office space was in the corner of a large sunroom playroom. I had plenty of space and loved the sunlight.

My second office space was in the corner of a large rectangular living area. I had plenty of space there, too.

My third office space was in the open area of the kitchen, where the dining table would have been. It began in my bedroom, but that didn’t work out so well. The dining/kitchen area offered me a bit more light and I enjoyed being in the center of our home. (This home was our temporary home after getting wiped out by a hurricane – I liked to think of it as the camp house, with hardi plank siding of a small mobile home. The square footage was 800 and there were 4 of us living there! Thankfully, it helped me practice my streamlining strategies at a deeper level. During this time of my life, I had times where it would have been so much easier to “have a place of my own”.

Today, I don’t have a separate room for a dedicated office, so I stay very streamlined and work with what I’ve got, keeping the rest of the home streamlined also. The streamlined lifestyle is so much more pleasant and easier to “do life”, no matter what your situation.

We all need a place of our very own sometimes. Do the best you can to transform the space you have, so it’s better than what it was before.

If you’ve dreamed of having a place of your own, I’d LOVE to hear about the kind of home or space you need/want the MOST.

It’s fun dreaming and planning with you!