Ever get stumped on a decision about what stays or goes? We all get into these difficult situations! You’re not alone. If any of these thoughts sound like yours.. let them go! Because your thoughts are revealing clues that it’s time for you to let things go.

#1 “What If…” – The next time you are considering discarding or donating an item, but you get stuck in the “what if” moment, then let it go. Yep! Just do it.

#2 “I might need this.” – Yes, you are probably right, you will probably need it (one day!), however, life will go on if you don’t have it, right? If you’re thinking “yea, life will most definitely go on, Melody”, then take the challenge and let it go!

#3 “I spent good money on this.” – Yep, you sure did spend your money on it. Now you’re spending your time on it (how much time are spending right now to talk yourself into keeping this item, when deep down you could care less about it?) and you are spending your space on it. Ever been in this predicatment? The space you free up wins. Toss it in the donate pile.

#4 “I put them in the back because they aren’t very pretty, but they’re useful” – I haven’t met a person yet that didn’t stash sommmmmething towards the back of a storage space because it wasn’t pleasing to their eye. Come on, dig into your kitchen cabinets and find 3 things, or maybe it’s 3 hangers in your closet! It’s only 3 items – you’ve got this. Let ’em go.

#5 “I used to LOVE this shirt, pants, skirt, etc.” – And I bet you looked fabulous in it. But the key words you used are “used to”, so send it to the “it’s outta here” pile.

#6 “It takes up too much space.” – ooohhhh, this is a big one. Literally! Sometimes it’s a piece of furniture. The next time you mutter that statement to yourself, you already know what to do… pass it on.

#7 “I have wayyyyy too many of these” – You’re telling yourself that for a reason. Cull the collection down until you’re saying “ah, that’s better!” And, load the giveaways in your car.

Are you an Instagramer? Take a photo of the items you let go of and tag it with #PurgeBabyPurge so I can celebrate your mad “letting go” skills with you!

Want to make it more fun? Have some friends or family do the challenge with you over the next 48 hours. You can forward this article to them via the email icon below (or share it with them on social media.)