Sooo…I heard you’re having a holiday get together at your place!?!

The clock is ticking and you’re already thinking about what needs to be done around the house before the big day…when ALL THOSE PEOPLE arrive!

You want everyone to be relaxed and have fun – in other words, not be anxious or stressed. 

Thankfully, you can make a few super simple changes in your environment to set the soothing, peaceful tone which will rub off on your guests.

Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for your holiday get together:

#1 Scrub the bathroom, of course! And, put out extra toilet tissue, plus hand towels. Unless you want someone digging in your cabinets!

Remove excess items on bathroom counters and open shelves. Your guests only need the basics. Like, hand soap and hand towels.

#2 Open up the main party spaces by removing ANYTHING that isn’t needed for the party.

Bring in extra chairs around perimeter of rooms.

Creating several seating sections allows people to gather to chat in different parts of the entertaining rooms. 

#3 Designate a nearby hiding spot for empty food trays, refills of food, extra bags of chips, drinks, cups/plates/napkins, dirty dishes, etc.

You could use the traditional event-style food table that is lined with a table skirt, and hide laundry baskets of extra items underneath it. But, if you’re short on space, then…

A nearby laundry or utility room close to the kitchen works great: you can use the counters or the top of the washer and dryer to keep those extra items out of the way during the party.  

Or if you have a butler’s pantry, then make sure it’s clean and ready.

#4 Remove items in the main entertaining areas that are making the rooms feel too busy, because a space with too many items in sight can make a person feel nervous or anxious, instead of calm and relaxed.

For example, clean off kitchen counters with too many items on it, or a fridge that has an overwhelming amount of photos on it (optional of course, if the pics make a great conversation piece for your guests!), and remove regular decorative items that don’t go with the theme of the party.

So, if you’re hosting a Christmas party, then take away your every day decor and keep your Christmas decor displayed. The Holiday decor will stand out more beautifully!

A simpler environment will affect people’s behaviors. (Isn’t it so cool that you can help control people by changing your home environment????  :-))

#5 Even though no one may go into your bedroom, make the bed and tidy it up. Why? So, if you need to take a quiet break for a moment, you have a quiet, peaceful spot to escape.

Use a guest room for storing your guests coats.

Of course, if you have a front door entry closet, and want to clean it out, then that’s where the guests coats will be stored. Don’t forget to add empty coat hangers.

#6 Make sure your outside entertaining area is lit up and inviting. Again, keep only the essentials out here! Poinsettias and twinkling lights in plants add a special touch.

If you need help cleaning and preparing for the big day, don’t hesitate to call on some of your family or friends. Delegate tasks to them, so you have plenty of energy to enjoy the festivities at your place.

If you need help wrapping all those gifts, and you live in the Shreveport area, then click here. 

You’re going to have a fantastic get together!