#1 “You’re japanesey.”

Hmmm…my sister looked like an Asian baby when she was a newborn. I better get a DNA test!


#2 “Omg, she reminds me of you… You always make me touch EVERY thing!”

Yep! Forever and ever, AMEN.

And when you pull it all out I want you to get exhausted from the physical and mental decision making, so you can gain perspective on what large amounts of your “stuff” does to you…and hopefully you start tossing like a crazy person.


#3 “There are things in your house that don’t spark my joy.”

Ummm…by all means, toss them out!


#4 “I haven’t watched any of the Marie Kondo episodes, yet. But, I’m going to. As soon as I have time. I’ve already cleared out some things. I feel …whoooo!”


Okay. Watch it! #ForMoreWhoooo

Every year I kick off by decluttering, and I LOVE the fun of being motivated and inspired, too. I have 4 black bags of donations in my car already. THAT sparks my joy.



#5 “My friend is obsessed with the Marie Kondo series.”


I’ve personally enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Why? I have a Professional Organizer’s perspective. And, as an entrepreneur, I see the marketing side of things! I LOVE marketing as much as I love purging. #Marketing&PurgingBusiness

#TouchingMoments #RealLife #TheStruggleIsReal #LifeChangingSkills

#ElevatingSelf #ConnectingWithTheHome #ThoseDecisionsAreTrulyHardToMake


#6 “If I got rid of everything that didn’t spark joy in my home, I’d probably have nothing!”

I hear ya! A person’s style, size (jean size or house size!), interests and loves can change so rapidly that we can’t purge fast enough.


#7 “I got rid of HALF my clothes after doing the Spark Joy in my closet.”

#DoingTheSparkJoy” (LOVE IT.)

Exciting! Wanna go on a shopping spree? Find our “omg… heart-zing- it’s-SO-ME-things?” (That’s the description I use to explain what “Sparks Joy” means. It’s an exciting LOVE feeling!!!)

#ItZingsYou #HeartStoppingZing #TheHeartZing #HeartZing

I rarely recommend an Organizing Show because some are dramatically staged and unrealistic. I’ve enjoyed “Neat” but it didn’t last on air long.

When Marie Kondo is asked about purchasing containers, I like that she doesn’t recommend it. My kinda woman! Here’s my answer to the FAQ about investing in organizing containers.

If you need containers, use high quality boxes from packages for fine items like stationary, jewelry, etc.

Get more inspiration and ideas from The Top 5 Organizing Containers Guide.

Thank you Marie Kondo for being on a mission to help the people of the world to be more joyful.

#HighFive #I’mWithYou #MoreJoyLessExhaustion #SparkMoreJoy



P.S. I love pretty little messes in a very clean, streamlined home. #SignsOfLife #LittleMessesAreEndearing #BigMessesCauseStress