The bedroom is your rejuvenation space. A more relaxed, deeper sleep allows your brain and all your other body parts to heal so you wake up feeling moe refreshed and alert for the day.

You can apply these 5 feng shui tips in your bedroom first thing in the morning to enjoy the visual aestheics and soothe your nervous system for less anxiety throughout the day. Then at night…crawl into your oasis bedroom cocoon.

#1. Remove all items from your floor – yes, the kicked off shoes, stacks of random things, and dirty towels.

#2. Clear nightstand surfaces – having a nightstand on each side of the bed is ideal, because it represents equality in a relationship, and if you aren’t in a relationship, then it represents being open to having one in the near future. Removing little items that land on the nightstands is a fast way to relax your mind from distractions and give you more breathing space.

#3. Set the tone for your morning and evening. Play soothing brain music, ideally that which resembles the frequencies of a person with a low-stress/low-anxiety brain function. You can find a variety of these on YouTube. You could also use a tuning fork to rearrange the vibrational tones in your bedroom. In fact, do this in every room. It’s like setting the tone in a cathedral or before a meditation. Chimes that have sounds that resonate with you are soothing too. Some people like the sounds of streams, others the sounds of the ocean, and myself, I love hearing a steady, brisk wind rustling thru the plants and trees. Incorporating a tone into the bedroom that soothes you will create a calming effect.

#4. Clean your windows, and well, every single square inch of your bedroom. Cleanliness, especially, pristine cleanliness is a great way to keep stagnant energy, smells, and dust from murking up your senses. Ahhhhh, just thinking about a pristine clean, streamlined, cozy bedroom feels serene, loving, and self-caring.

#5. Get rid of as much excess stuff as possible from inside your drawers and closets. This doesn’t mean beoming a true minimalist, just paring down until your nervous system is satisfied and smiling with relief. Feng shui is the medicine of peaceful, happy, productive energy. The goal is to allow more energy to flow through your bedroom and not get stuck or blocked by stuff. Be sure to check for lost stuff under your bed!