Writing isn’t always easy, but yours can be much more enticing and engaging when you use these 3 tricks to keep your audience devouring more.

Using Action Words. Consulting a Thesaurus. And, Dishing out Content SO mouth-watering, your readers want one more taste. And, okay, another bite. Here’s why these tricks work so well:

#1 Trick of a Great Writer: Using Action Words

Starting some of your sentences with an Action Word (aka: verb) will engage people in a story that seems like it is happening in front of their eyes (or at least in their imaginations!) Using the -ing or -s version of a verb brings a sentence to life.

Gardening is therapeutic. Pulling weeds and thinning out the thick abundance of plants gives them so much more space to change, grow and thrive. Decluttering homes has the same effect on a human.

Re-organizing my closet is transforming my entire bedroom into a calm oasis. All that’s missing is a waterfall view outside my windows.

#2 Trick of a Great Writer: Consulting a Thesaurus

A Thesaurus is the modern version of a dictionary or encyclopedia. You can find definitions, of course. But, I love it because it’s the path to expanding my vocabulary for opposite words (aka: antonym; which comes from the Greek word “anti” and “onym” which means name).

I can’t tell you how many words I’ve known, but felt like I was discovering them for the first time again because I rarely used them in conversation. Now, I’m not boring others with my repetitive use of a word. If you’ve ever felt this way too and want to change up words you use frequently, then that’s a job for a Thesaurus. You can instantly add some descriptive variety to whatever you’re writing by finding synonyms (aka: same or similar word).

Finding alternatives words for words that I use often, which bogs down my sentences and takes away my impact to my readers, leads to me to a Thesaurus! 

Try it out with me… (it’s FUN)

okay, here we go, let’s consult a thesaurus to find similar words that can replace an often overused word, like “very”.  (Verily, verily I say unto you… Truly, truly I say unto you…)

Google provided the following Thesaurus help, which I captured a screenshot of below:

You can also translate a phrase, like “very exciting” to “enthusiastic” 

Wow, that was a good one, don’t you think? I told you it was fun. 🙂

The #3 Trick of Great Writer: Publishing content that’s SO good and HELPS them easily improve upon something, that it increases their appetite to learn more!

Food that melts in the mouth because it is soooo delicious will have you scraping the plate for one more taste. That’s the same type of experience you want your audience to have.  So, keeping your reader’s interest from the first word to the last word, because it’s soooo good that they can’t stop reading is your goal.  They begin to feel a very powerful compelling need to consume more. (And look, we can exchange the word compelling to irresistible!) Oh my goodness, I have so much fun with writing. You never know what word will lead to other words and compleeeetely transform a sentence.

Try it out! Grab a thesaurus – or go to google to use an online version – and go play with words on your own website. But, warning, it’s addicting!

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Have fun writing and let me know how it goes!  In fact, you’re welcome to find a sentence on my website and change it up. Share the before and after sentence (or paragraph!) in my comment section.  I’d be delighted and tickled to see what you come up with.



PS If you know an entrepreneur who is deeply involved in her business, but she also has to maintain her home and personal life, then send her my way!  I’d love to help her get super-streamlined so she can have the best of both worlds that she loves.