How to Clean Car Faster
Need to clean your car more often?

Make it faster and easier with these 3 time-saving tips for cleaning the car:

  1. Place a smaller square/slender rectangle wastebasket behind your passenger seat. While in your vehicle, toss trash into it immediately, instead of stuffing it in your cardoor, onto your floorboards, or on the seats. You can fit more into a wastebasket than a little bag hanging near your steering wheel, And it’s MUCH EASIER to use than a plastic bag.
  2. Place one or more open boxes (no lid!) into your cargo/trunk area or backseat. These boxes can hold categories of items you often stash back there after shopping (my Mother loves stocking up for Christmas all year long and keeps items in her vehicle for-ev-ah), like to have on hand during road trips, or for items you access often while you’re working so they don’t get lost and land all over the place. Use one open box to hold items that need to be taken into your home. Make sure to bring it back out, full of donations! Empty the donations and you’ll have an empty box to hold the items that will accumulate again to take into the house.
  3. Use a drive-thru car wash center for a high quality wash in mere minutes. When you exit on the car washing conveyor belt, pull in to use the free vacuum. Empty your trash can in the car wash trash can. Grab some of your extra napkins to clean the inside of the door frames, which are most likely a little wet from the car wash, so the dirt and grit will clean off more easily. Dust the dashboard with a microfiber cloth, which you can keep in your vehicle.

Enjoy your sparkly clean, streamlined car.