If you’re in the States, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve been shopping, traveling, shopping some more, decorating for the Christmas holidays and overall having big spurts of being super busy.

When a person gets super busy – let’s say 2 weeks pass and you haven’t sat down to get a grip on everything flying thru your head – you are going with the flow.  That’s totally cool. It happens and it happens to be fun.

It’s fun until your anxiety levels rise because you don’t know how much you’ve spent while swiping the cards or if you’ve paid all your bills.

You’ve got it covered, but you don’t like to be too neglectful or over-spend. Knowing what’s up is important to you. It’s the uncertainty that can get your mind and nerves revved up.

And, it we can get the anxiety levels down in an hour. You’ll need an extra quiet time of day to do this… I usually do it late in the night when everyone is asleep OR during a time that I am alone. No kids, no clients, no tv, no phone, no music, no anything distracting.

Number 1: Let’s tackle cleaning out your mind first. 

  1. First, you’ll need ALL your credit cards, debit cards, annual/semi annual renewals, utility bills, business bills, and anything else that has to do with money (investment accounts aren’t necessarily needed.) Grab your purse.

2. Next you’ll need your email account/email accounts. Passwords, if you don’t have access to them immediately.

3. And lastly you’ll need pens, paper, and more paper.

On your paper, it’s time to empty your mind:

Section 1: What I’m Worried About

  • knowing what bills to pay
  • getting documents to judge
  • being ready for guests at the Christmas party)

Section 2: Things to Do 


  • Rug for room
  • Wrap gifts
  • Christmas art / decor


  • kitty litter
  • colored pens
  • garland


  • deep clean fridge
  • bleach sink
  • steam clean floors

Section 3: Other Important Things That Keep Popping In My Head 

  • Send Emails
  • Write Blog Post
  • Check Other Email Account (that hasn’t been checked in months)


You’re done with the brain dump! At this point, most people begin to feel some relief in their mind and bodies. Are you feeling better? Ahhhh…

Number 2: Now, let’s clean out your financial woes so you know your balances, expenses and disposable income to play with

Grab your purse or wallet, so you have all your credit and/or debit cards, plus gift cards in front of you.

One at a time, use your app or call the 800 number on the back of cards to make a list that includes these 3 things on each credit card:

  • Balance Owed
  • Available Credit
  • Payment Date/Amount Due

For Debit Cards or checking accounts/savings accounts, simply look at your balance.

Next, write down recurring bills you pay on auto-renewal. For example, website domain name, website hosting, email provider, rent/lease, utilities, insurance, etc. You may need to go to specific websites to look at your account to review when your auto-renewal dates are, how often (monthly, semi-annual, annual, quarterly) AND review the amount.

At the end of this financial info gathering you will have a full page of EVERYTHING that is coming out of your pocket.

Clean out your purse, tidy up your wallet, and get all your receipts in one place in your office.

Keep your favorite discounts, cash rewards, and gift cards in your wallet ready to be used as you enjoy shopping the rest of this year and into the next.

Number 3: This one is the hardest, but can be the most rewarding and easiest if you are diligent. And ruthless. Let’s clean out your email.

Open your email.

Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe from all that junk email you’ve perhaps collected over the holidays.

Be patient, and keep going.

Receipts can go into a receipt folder labeled 2019 RECEIPTS. Create a new folder called 2020 RECEIPTS.

Research folders are great for specific content you’ve been researching: personally my new one is AERIAL YOGA STRETCH STUDIO in SHREVEPORT. That’s a dream of mine and I’ve been researching every angle of the business.

Make as many folders as you need for content you need to keep. Please delete the rest. And I mean, clean your email out like there will be no tomorrow. Purge that baby and make it so darn clean you can find your most important things instantly.

I have a folder for each type of business/service I provide for specific companies, like the Full-Service Corporate Relocation Company I provide services to, for their corporate clients.

You can make a folder specifically for anti-anxiety, stress reduction, or well being articles.

You can make a folder for each program, class, or seminar you participated in. ONLY items released for that class goes in the folder, including online log-in information. “CLASS: Jumpstart Productivity” (example)

Responding isn’t the goal when cleaning out emails – especially if it’s 3am in the morning, like when I’m likely to do it.

Just clean that baby out.

Happy Holidays!!!



PS Jot down important dates to remember on your calendar…since you’re getting back in control of your life in this moment. Happy New Year!!! You’re ready to rock and roll the last couple weeks of the winter Holidays in the States. See ya next year.