Nearly everyone has clutter, or gets into messy situations. There are times we are moving so fast, or navigating such big changes, that we have more important things to focus on than cleaning out a drawer.

It’s when clutter begins to negatively impact your life and exhausts you, that the painful side of clutter can be felt.

If you’re feeling some distress over cluttered or disorganized areas in your home, then this is the exact reason why clutter can be so, SO bad for you.

Maybe you’ll recognize one or two of these 17 Reasons Why Clutter is So, SO Bad for You. But, if you can relate to many, then it may be the perfect time for you to focus on getting back in control of your spacer and ultimately live a better life.

Clutter makes you crazy.

Clutter makes you confused.

Clutter makes you sad.

Clutter makes you depressed.

Clutter makes you late.

Clutter makes you nervous.

Clutter makes you sick.

Clutter makes you mean.

Clutter makes you forgetful.

Clutter makes you overwhelmed.

Clutter makes you exhausted.

Clutter makes you ADD/ADHD.

Clutter makes you anxious.

Clutter makes you embarrassed.

Clutter makes you messy.

Clutter makes you run in circles.

Clutter makes nesting spaces for insects and rodents.

Clutter makes finding something specific really tough.

Clutter creates more work for you, steals your time and zaps your energy – and probably robs you of your peace of mind.

To take back control of your space so you are calm, happy, and productive (and proud!) you can begin by making your “clutter” neat & tidy, and purging items that feel like “you are so over it” – You loved it, you appreciated it, and you used it (or you had good intentions to use it) and now you can discard it or pass it on.

Look for items that are super easy for you to let go of, which are usually located at the back of the drawer, tucked into the deepest part of the closet, or stashed at the bottom of a pile. Sometimes items with large amounts of dust on them can help you identify what you may no longer value or use – not always, but often – and are easier to let go of.

Pick one category of items at a time and tackle as much as you can every day this week. I recommend starting in a closet. Oh the treasures you may find!, including the treasure of more breathing space when you’re done. 🙂