1. They require low-level maintenance to keep them that way!
  2. You’ll LOVE knowing exactly what you’ve got – at a glance.
  3. It’s so-much-easier to put things away properly, in LESS time.
  4. You KNOW exactly where items belong and don’t have to fight to make things fit.
  5. They are filled with your absolute favorite things.
  6. It’s easier to make decisions on what to use, do, or wear (simply because you have less choices overwhelming your brain!)
  7. You have more energy & an increase in your “good feeling” vibes.
  8. They make you a more put together person – business owner, instructor, parent, friend, significant other, etc.
  9. They visually calm the mind and body… which prevents and relieves anxiety.
  10. You instantly position your self-perception and self-image as confident, clear and in control — you really know yourself! Others will notice that about you too.
  11. They free up massive TIME in your life that you can spend doing more spontaneous fun things.
  12. Cleaning is faster – there’s less dust due to less lint – and your housekeeping fees decrease because there’s less work. 😀
  13. ANY entrepreneur working from home may have to hide in the closet to make a phone call! (well, if you have a loud family member at home! No worries, your professionalism won’t be compromised.)
  14. It’s empowering and exciting to open a closet door to grab what you need and be on your merry way (without delay!)
  15. Packing for a spontaneous get-a-way is a complete BREEZE. (see #5)
  16. And, last but not least, because LIFE is more beautiful when you remove the stuff you don’t truly need, use or looooove!

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